Hoverwatch: The Most Efficient Free Mobile Tracker You Can Have

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Written by Saurabh

You might have always wanted a tracker which will record all the activities of your children’s and employee’s phone, but there is a notion that these trackers aren’t highly efficient. Guess what? This idea is actually wrong; there are free mobile trackers who are offering an impeccable service where you can track every activity on the phone. There are millions of happy users who have put their trust on these trackers, and they are receiving all kind of services at a mere cost.

Features That Make Free Mobile Tracker from the Best in the Lot

Hoverwatch is a highly potent Free Mobile Tracker that provides you complete control over your phone by allowing you track every kind of activity. It is reliable software which is entirely legal for usage. You just need to sign up in the Hoverwatch’s website which will provide you a free account.

Then using the account, you need to download the app to the designated mobile and then anonymously start tracking all the activity from your online account.

Phone trackers remain anonymous in the smartphone even if the user has sound knowledge on the working of the phone. Without showing any kind of presence on the Android phone, it grabs all the information accurately and stores them in the online account.

You will have the power to track each sent and received SMS using the SMS tracker, and you can even view all MMS. The tracker captures every minute detail in the SMS by allowing you to watch the images or videos in the MMS.

The phone tracker uses a robust algorithm which allows the app to read all the messages sent using Viber, Facebook, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. All the photos, audio records, and video passed through Facebook and Snapchat can be stored in the online account. It even gives you the authority to check the timing and date of the media data.

SIM card replacement and location alert are another crucial features that you can enjoy. The mobile trackers record all the location using cell tower, GPS and Wi-Fi signal and feed them to you. The app also allows you to track the phone after anyone remove the SIM and you will even get the alert during SIM removal.

The scintillating feature of this phone is that it takes a photo using the front camera every time the user opens the phone. Not only picture, but you can also check the browser history of the phone from the online account of the software. The tracker allows the owner to monitor up to five smartphones with ease. Free Mobile Tracker from provides you every bit of information of activity in the smartphone. You just need to sit and relax while monitoring every move.

Compatibility Option and Customer Service

Customer services as a significant support that users need whether beginner or professional. There is an executive panel that is always at your service so you can ask them a question regarding any issues. The FAQ page in the website solves most of the problem as it carries almost every possible solution for a different issue that may arise.

Free phone tracker is mostly compatible with every Android phone although some phone might throw issue during installation. It also works smoothly on Windows and Mac OS system so you won’t have to think of other alternatives.

Pricing and Plans

For starters, phone tracker comes free as a trial version, and you will be able to explore all the feature for a limited time. The company offers several packages like monthly, quarterly and yearly for both personal and commercial usage. The plans vary according to the service, and it is smart to opt for a yearlong service because it cuts down the overall cost.

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