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EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac – Recover the Lost Data

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Written by Saurabh

Sometimes, we are going through hard times in our life. When luck is not in our favour, everything gets spoiled. An important file might get deleted from our Mac system or we may be caught in some other accident. We can solve most of our problems, but how to recover a file that is accidentally deleted from Mac? Is there a way out? Can we do it using recovery software? Yes, absolutely!

There are hundreds of data recovery tools which can help us in the in recovering the important data that has been lost accidentally from our Mac, but how to find the best one. An ideal Mac data recovery tool should be free from any adware or malware, and most importantly, it should give desired results when it comes to the recovery of data. EaseUS Data Recovery tool for Mac can be the ideal choice to make if you have lost some important data on your Mac system. Let’s have a brief insight about this tool alongside.

About EaseUS Data Recovery Software for Mac

EaseUS Mac Data recovery tool is a safe and reliable solution for all the Mac users who are looking to recover some important data on their device. It can recover the data lost due to hard drive format, accidental deletion of the file(s), trash removal, or any other case. More than 30 million users around the world use this data recovery tool and many of them have given positive ratings to it. Not only the data lost from your Mac, it can even recover the data lost from memory card, digital camera, external hard drive, or any other storage.

EaseUS Mac data Recovery software can be the ideal solution for data recovery on your Mac. It is available for free, but to access more features you can always choose to go with the premium version. The deleted/lost photos, videos, documents, music, files, or any other media can be recovered after the scan. Even the data lost during a system failure, formatting of drive, or any other issue can be recuperated easily.

Ultimate features of EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Software

This software tool is packed with some of the most extra ordinary features and this is the reason why over 30 million users are using this tool for Mac. Let’s eye at some of its best features.

Recover the Lost/Deleted Files

The media lost due to a system upgrade, deletion, or any other complex issue can be recovered using this tool. It is worth spending your money on this powerful tool. It is capable of recovering even the most inaccessible files from the Mac system as it can find the deleted/lost files on your Mac within minutes.

Two Recovery Modes

  • Quick Scan: It allows you to search through the lost/deleted data from your Mac system or other devices quickly.
  • Deep Scan: This option allows you to find all the files deleted/lost files including the inaccessible files, formatted files, and also the hidden files.

Export/Import Scanning Results

This tool allows you to export the scanning results if you have to leave the session in between. So, when you start scanning your Mac the next time, you just need to import the scanning results and the scanning will start from the previous session itself.

Filter Scanning Results and Preview the Files before Recovery

All the files that are found by this Data Recovery Software can be previewed before starting the actual recovery process. You can select which files you want to recover.


EaseUS Mac Data recovery Software supports 8 international languages including English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Chinese.

Different File Formats Supported

This tool supports over 200 file formats including images, documents, videos, audios, music, pdf, srt, and other file types.

Different Types of Recovery Supported

EasyUS Mac Data recovery tool supports different types of recovery. They are as follows:

  • Deleted Mac File Recovery: It can recover the files or folders that were accidentally moved to trash. Not only this, the files deleted from a trash can also be recovered. It can even recover data that was deleted using ‘Command + Del’ option.
  • Formatted or Raw Mac recovery: The data that was deleted from the formatting of partition or hard drive, memory card, SD card, CF card, and few other storage devices can be recovered. The data that was lost due to virus attack can also be recovered.
  • Mac partition Recovery: The data deleted from the Mac partition can be recuperated totally including the hidden and inaccessible files. You can get back the files from the deleted partition using the Mac Disk management tool with this software.
  • Mac Data recovery in Other Cases: The data lost/deleted during a system failure, re-installation of Mac OS, hard drive corruption, software failure, sudden power off, improper pulling of the memory card, and other issues can be recovered. Other cases like memory card ‘Access Denied’, read or write error, media card error, or any other issue can be dealt using this tool.

Pricing & Plans

EaseUS Mac data recovery tool has 3 different plans for the users. The best thing is that it comes with the free plan. You can recover up to 2GB of important data from your Mac device with this free plan. The other plans offered to the users are as follows:

The Bottom Line

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery tool is a powerful solution to recover the lost/deleted data on the Mac device. It provides the best data recovery giving desired results. Even the inaccessible data on the Mac system can be recovered using this powerful suite. It’s ‘Deep Scan’ feature is capable of recovering the data that is hidden deep inside the Mac. If you haven’t tried this tool yet, you should go for it at least once. After using this software, you will definitely not switch to any other tool.

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  • Great Tips! Such a great information.

    I agree with you that ”Sometimes, we are going through hard times in our life.” I have always been facing problems with Data Recovery Software for Mac and was trying to hire someone to help me.

    I will tweet your post. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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  • Hi Saurabh,
    We often face difficult at one point or the other in life. Most especially without gadgets. A few weeks ago I had to format my PC when it got caught with the cold hand of a virus. And couldn’t recover all of my files because I couldn’t back up most them before the incident. With this post, I’m at the right place to recover those files. Thanks for sharing

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