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9 Best Cartoon Making Software To Create Cartoons On Your Own

Cartoon Making Software

The cartoon is not just a type of entertainment; it’s an art and creative skill for some people. With the emerging technology, you can create cartoon yourself for free. However, only the perfect combination of creative imagination and artist’s mind will make the best of the cartoons.

When we were a child, we used to find cartoons more attractive and enjoyable, and we even had some instances where our parents used to yell at us for spending much time in front of TV by watching the Tom & Jerry stories. And even we dreamt about making them for ourselves.

But we didn’t have any idea that a lot of people worked hard to make those cartoons. So, if you are looking for the software to create cartoons, then this post is for you. Yes! I’ll be discussing some Cartoon making software tools that are being employed by the cartoon enthusiasts.

9 Useful Tools To Make Cartoon That Are Worth Trying

The below-listed tools are simple cartoon making software that is being used to create entry-level small cartoon videos or clips. If you want to know some best applications that are being used by the professionals, you may proceed reading the post till the end.

1. Movavi Video Editor

The most well-known cartoon making software is Movavi editor. It is free for both Windows and Mac computers, and it contains all the essential features to make simple cartoon clips using a slideshow.  You can add your dialogues by adding recorded soundtrack and export the rendered video and directly upload it to YouTube or any other Social Media.


2. Inkscape

Inkscape is one of the best cartoon creating software tools available for all platforms. It is also ideal for animated logo making.  You can draw your own cartoon and convert them into various formats. This Cartoon software is helpful for web designers, illustrators or someone who is creative enough to make new things.


3. Scratch

This is yet another best cartoon making software out there for creating simple cartoons. It is open source software developed by MIT and is available for free on the internet. If you are good at creating complex animations and physics, then you can build your own mini-games as well. You can check other projects on the official site and get ideas to create your own cartoons.


4. Web Cartoon Maker

Web Cartoon Maker was a simple online animation making tool back in 2010. But, now they have launched their desktop software that can be used for free to create cartoons. There will be no limitations or ads to irritate you; it is entirely a clean cartoon making software. You can create any length of animated videos in AVI format and share it on the internet. For web designers and illustrators, it has a feature to create vector graphics as well.


5. Toondoo

As dynamic as the name sounds, the application is also pretty interesting. This tool is not like any other cartoon making software like above; this one doesn’t need to be downloaded or saved onto your computer. All you need to do is go to their website and use their software app inside the website itself. With just a few clicks and drag and drop, you can create amusing and creative cartoons for free.


6. Cambridge Cartoon maker

Cambridge cartoon maker is much similar to Toondoo cartoon making software. It is also online software that doesn’t need any downloading at all. Everyone can access it for free and create Stripe and Superhero cartoons in seconds. In this online cartoon maker tool, you can choose the number of frames in a layout. Also, you will get the ideas and help to make the perfect caricature in minutes.


7. Artoonix

Artoonix is an incredibly powerful cartoon making software for beginners. You can animate still pictures and drawing, also you can add a series of pictures and add sound clips to make it interactive. The sound editor plays a vital role here; you can make different sound effects and add multiple recordings and attach them to pictures. Just like any other software, Artoonix is also freely available cartoon software.


8. Cartoon Generator

Cartoon Generator is easy to use cartoon making software. The size of this application is also pretty less.  You can easily convert any picture into a cartoon in just few mouse clicks. It packs about 19 different effects with darkness and blur options. You can download this free software and make cartoons of your choice.


9. Moho

The Moho Anime studio is not like any other software in this list. It is quite a high-end animation software for cartoon makers. It is right now available in 2 versions-Moho Professional 12 and Moho Debut 12. This software alone can create 2D cartoons with easy to use tools and features.It is one of the most powerful cartoon creators exist for the creative-savvy people.

You can edit cartoons frame by frame for better details and dynamic motions, physics, and special particles. You can quickly start making stunning cartoon animation with drawings and special smart warp feature.


Professional Cartoon Creating Tools

Well, all the above-mentioned software and tools are just for beginners who are still at the early stage.

However, there are many other software that can be used to create the high graphics intensive cartoons with a more realistic feel. If you would like to pursue the Cartoon making as your mainstream, then check the below tools!

  • Maya 3D
  • Aurora 3D
  • Blender
  • Cinema 4D Studio
  • 3DS Max
  • Modo

Wrapping Up

In this digital tech era, the new generation minds are molded with great creativeness. If you have an ingenious brain, then you can try these tools to make your own cartoons of your choice, or you can even master any particular software and get a respectable job as well, it’s up to you.

We always adore cartoons and making them on our own will definitely be a pleasurable experience for all of us. It is the best way to show our creative skill as well. So, get a suitable cartoon making software to illustrate your remarkable innovations.

What is your opinion about these cartoon creating tools? Would you like to get and use any of the tools from the above list? Do you have any cartoon making software recommendation? Use the comment section to share your thoughts and experience in making the cartoons on your own.

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