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Communicators often spend long hours trying to create engaging and captivating content. After all, they do this to build on the popularity and traffic of their social media websites. However, to do so is a huge challenge and it is essential to grasp some key tips. First, editing is the key to creating attractive content for your readers.

As a blogger, you do not want your audience to find grammatical errors or even poorly structured sentences. Hence here are some of the tips that will positively transform your social media fan base:

Key Strategies to Write Clickable Content for Every Social Network

Always Focus On Your Readers!

When writing any social media content, you’ll face fierce competition for internet traffic. Family, friends, celebrities, and rival organizations all want to have a glimpse of your content. In this case, if you want to stand out, always put your audience in mind.

Take the attention away from yourself and concentrate on the issues affecting your reader. Use ‘you’ or ‘we’ to involve the audience in your blog post. Also, talk about modern trends in a captivating manner, and you’ll be one step closer to solving your reader’s problems.

Build Curiosity

The term interest is triggered when people feel that there’s a gap in what they know as compared to what they do not know. According to George Loewenstein, a renowned professor of psychology and economics, curiosity peaks when:

  • Something goes against our expectations
  • A certain topic creates a gap in our knowledge
  • A topic that’s not overdone

For example, let us carefully examine two headline posts:

The first is, “Why is Facebook Decreasing in Popularity?” Yes! It may create some attention, but a majority of people will not view the post.

To correct this, here is a good alternative: “Facebook Popularity is Decreasing: Here is What Every Subscriber Should Do in Only 15 Minutes!”

The second headline is compelling because of some few reasons such as:

  • The reader may feel that there’s some information gap on how to handle the declining reach of arguably the largest social media website
  • It has a promise to solve the issue that is increasing Facebook popularity
  • It often goes against common beliefs, for example, you won’t take a lot of time implementing these strategies.

Treat Each Topic as a Story

Are you a good story teller? If so, then you should capitalize on this tremendous opportunity. Telling stories is a perfect way to engage and communicate with different people. Similarly, they attract and lure readers to keep reading each topic you post.

Concentrate on Value

Before you start sharing anything through social media, always ask yourself the main reason behind the topic. What value is it adding to the life of your fans?

According to Dr. Robert Cialdini, people always want something to justify human behavior. For example, when you ask a colleague to do you a favor, ensure that you provide him or her with a reason. The same principle applies when it comes to social media; an idea triggers each like or retweet.

Concentrate on the value of your audience. Help the readers understand why your post is so important. Create calls to action that show value. A good example is instead of writing “Click here to read more,” try something like, “Discover hidden insights.”

Use an Active and Consistent Voice

Clients get to learn about the personality of an organization through posts on social media. It’s, therefore, crucial to have a consistent view at all times. A perfect method to achieve this is by using simple language. In most cases, readers do not read blog posts. Instead, they scan through, looking for the most desirable piece of information.

Using simple and clear language is a useful method of catching your reader’s attention. Hence, they can read more while scanning through or clicking. Avoid words such as “utilize” when a simpler one like “use” communicates the same message. Use active instead of passive voice as this makes your sentences easy and clear to understand.

Have a Formula

If you’re trying to share several posts across different platforms every day, then you’ll go through numerous challenges. Having a copywriting formula that suits your content is critical to ensuring social media writing success. It significantly increases your productivity and assists you in creating amazing and captivating social media posts.

A good formula you could use is the Before/After/Bridge structure. Here, you first describe the problem, then you go on to show the world why such a problem shouldn’t exist, and finally provide clear solutions. It’s a versatile and straightforward formula, right?

Have a Call to Action

Many writers overlook the essence of having a suitable call to action. However, as mentioned earlier, it pushes the readers to visit your social media website. You can ask them to provide expert comments or even answer questions relating to the subject matter.

You Can Have One Or Two Emojis!

Teenagers are not the only users of emojis. Interestingly, you’ll find that many people are now using these symbols. Once it comes to social media posts, they make a significant difference. Here are some interesting findings from an American express open forum study.

  • Posts with emojis receive 33% increased share and comment rate
  • Posts with emojis receive an astonishing 57% improved ‘like’ rate

Make Your Content Easy To Share

Careful research shows that many clicks on blogs come from those posts shared by contacts and friends. Shockingly, favorite posts do not come from website publishers. Such means that the most clickable social media articles are written by subscribers who have never met your fans and readers.

Use social media buttons to make others share your content quickly from your blog to their websites. Don’t get too surprised once you start experiencing high website traffic!

Optimize Your Websites

Although the above posts apply to all social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, it is also essential to know the different customization techniques for each. Let us say that you’re a huge fan of Twitter, here you should use attractive GIFs, videos or images. In so doing, every post that you make should improve user engagement and clicks.


Social media is now one of the most powerful tools for promotion which doesn’t require too much investment. Despite this, you need to use it in the right manner for better results in the future. Similar to book report writing or coming up with an excellent dissertation, it requires a lot of learning. However; the above tips will set you on the right path. All the best in your endeavors to post clickable content on social media!

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  • Hello, Christina!

    That’s the right post you did on Saurabh’s place!

    I’ve been doing the social media since long but just share as I find.

    I think it’s time to revisit how I manage my social shares.

    So, this post would so help me in correcting my mistakes. 🙂

    Thank you for that!

    ~ Adeel

  • Hi Christina – you make some great points here. I have to work on building curiosity. I like that one. Thank you for the tips on it.
    I was curious about emoji’s but I do use them from time to time. I think it makes us more human to show emotions. And they can be fun!
    I still see so many bloggers who do not put their Twitter handle in their share tools, it drives me crazy! It’s so much easier when they do and you can give them credit in the share.
    Have a great day!

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