Voice Search and SEO: Why Your Boss Need to Think About It

Voice Search
Written by Navin Rao

SEO is changing a lot now and will continue in the coming years as well. You might have already observed people approach towards the searches are changing.

Have you? I am sure you must have.

People are going for the voice searches quite often, instead, the boring typing.

This trend is not new, it continues from past few years and rapidly growing.

The growth of voice searches can be observed since 2014 when the voice searches technology got introduced.

And along with the technology, SEO will also change for the very obvious reasons.

Google is concentrating more on the mobile. It’s now taking priority of being a website to be optimized for a mobile.

And should be responsive to make it completely mobile-friendly. And these all are Google’s primary Ranking Factors as well.

And why not, it’s proven that in 2015 more searches took place from mobile and the tablets compared to the big screen PC or laptop.

There are plenty of voice search apps, few popular ones are below.

The Major Voice assistants are,

Siri from Apple – Siri introduced in October 2011, it is the first voice assistant to come up with brilliant features.

It has got all the appreciation for its robust voice recognition and clever contextual information.

Google Now – Google now precisely introduced in July 2012, it is available for all the Operating system like Siri.

Apart from all other OS, it’s also available for Android. That is one of the added advantage to it, as there are more Android smartphone users.

Cortana from Microsoft windows – Cortan Introduce in April 2014, and quite popular amongst the Windows users.

Echo from Amazon – Echo is precisely launched in November 2016.

It is basically a device which connects to voice controlled intelligent Assistant. That responds to the Amazon’s Alexa.

Understand the Voice search and SEO Association

This phase of searches is rapidly increasing everyday.

In fact, a Google survey says that 55% teens and 44% adults used voice search more than once a day. That was a huge number.

And dramatically that was just from the Google’s survey only!

These number says that it won’t stop and how voice search is being adaptable by the users.

You might think the new users like teens do it for fun as well.

Yes, there is an absolute possibility, but might not be prolonged for such a huge span of time. And the above statistics are since the birth of Voice search feature.

So it can be said on a serious note that voice search is the future.

You might be got a clear idea now how important it could be for the SEO.

Semantic search metrics are climbing the ladder up, it defines the growth of voice search.

Why the Voice searches are increasing rapidly

For using the internet, smartphones are used a lot these days.Agreed?

Agreed? Even a kid knows it.

It’s because the user might not like to type the search queries and hurting their fingers.

And why not that makes sense, when we have such voice search features already available. Isn’t it?

In fact, not just the smartphone users, even a big screen users also getting addicted to voice search queries.

Now, the coolest part is due to the voice search features, searches have been increased a lot. Search Engines are busy like never before.

Check out the video to understand how voice searches works. Click Here

Though, now you understand how effective it is for the searches. And at the same time, you might have already realized how beneficial it could be for SEO(Search Engine Optimization). If done properly!

Voice Search and SEO: Importance

Voices searches are surely the future of the SEO.

It’s quite evident, that the terms when a user writes and speaking differs.

Voice search could be much longer than the writing search queries. It’s just like we speak in general.

Let’s us take an instance while typing some queries to find out the location between one to another, we might just like to write From To destination. Isn’t it?

Example 1: If a user would like to find the distance between India to the United States, they might put it

India to United States” or “United states to India“,

But while going for the voice search user always might say

What is the distance between India to United states” or ” distance between Unites states to India.” or how far is United states from India.

Example 2:

Writing keyword – Italian restaurant or Italian restaurant Hyderabad

Voice search – “Where I can find best Italian food” or “best Italian restaurant in Hyderabad”

This tends that, long search queries are being used more and more in voice searches. This can make any website owner rethink of their website SEO criteria.

Approach Towards your Website

Voice searches are the biggest revolution in Search Engine Optimization.

So, the businesses should concentrate more on the Long Tail keywords to drive more traffic to their website.

Not just the long tail keywords, SEO should be done by understanding the user intent. Understanding, how the user will search for a particular thing is important.

And this is not a very big challenge, as you can understand the user intent or search queries by putting yourself in their place. Makes sense?

Google Now is being quite a popular these days and being used by the every internet user.

Check out the below graph to understand the evolution in the voice searches through out the period.

Time to Switch to Voice search Trend

A quick voice search makes the searches drastically easier and gives the results in no-time.

It’s quite logical, as the voice searches work like a charm. Completely un painful for the fingers and quick as never before.

And if you are thinking, there might be too many errors while recognizing the voice, would like to mention the rate of error is just 8% and it’s decreasing over time.

Now, there is no reason, not to opt and optimize the website according to it.

So website should be optimized according to the voice searches to get more lead and sales.

As we have understood the rise of voices searches and how it’s climbing the ladder up. It could be the regrettable decision if the business or startups still would not go for it.

Do it before your competitor does, or else they might snatch the business from you.

Final Words:

In this modern age, change will occur in technology rapidly. At the same time, it could not be avoidable to see some changes in the websites SEO’s as well. Apart from building quality Backlinks SEO experts are focusing on voice searches too. 2017 is the big year for the voice searches. Business websites came to a conclusion and changing their website SEO accordingly.

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