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SQLBak – Keep Your SQL Server Database Backed up

Written by Saurabh

If you have been working online, you must have been heard the term Database. What the heck is that?

A structured set of data stored on a local computer or a server computer which is accessible in different ways is known as Database.

The websites where you can create an account, upload images, and save data, uses the online database to store all these information.

Looks like a great stuff but did you ever think, if that database is hacked, deleted or corrupted? What will happen?

Large companies can go into a huge loss if they lose their database because the database is the backbone of a business.

The best advice is to keep the database backed up regularly. And, for that you can make use of some online tool, services or can take the backup manually every day, week or month whatever suit you.

Taking manually can be a tedious task, and thus, using an online service is a great choice. That’s where I would like to suggest you which is a great online tool that offers a desktop client that you can use to authenticate your SQL server database and connect with your account at And after a one-time setup, the backup will be being taken on the schedule you set.

Notable Features of SqlBak

  • One time set up, and backups can be scheduled.
  • Very affordable. Even the most basic plan is FREE.
  • 24×7 database monitoring. You get the email notification of the database server performance.
  • Easy restore option that you can use in case the database is deleted or lost.
  • Database backup can be stored in Google Drive, FTP, Dropbox, etc. Setup is easy.
  • The desktop app is available.

How to use SqlBak?

Even if you are a non-techie, you can easily setup SqlBak and put it on work. The very first thing is, go to official website, and click the Download menu.

You will be sent to the download page, where you can download SqlBak desktop app.

Just click on “Download the SqlBak app”. Once downloaded, install it. And, then launch it.

When you will launch the app, you will be asked for Secret Key which you will find in your account which you don’t have yet.

To sign up, go the website, and Signup


After Signing up, you will see the Secret Key. Copy that, and enter in the app. Click Connect. It will connect the app to your account.

Now, you will be asked to enter your SQL server credentials to connect to your database server. Enter the details, and test the connection. Then save the details if the connection is ok.

All done!

Now, go to your account dashboard at, and Add a new backup job.

Go through all the settings and options. Select what all you need, and do everything, and set the schedule of backup as per your choice. You will also have to set the location where you want to save the database backup. You can set Google Drive, FTP or other storage.

Once everything is done, you will get the database backup on the schedule you set. That’s all. You don’t need these setups later. Just one-time setup is well enough.

How to restore the backup?

Suppose your database is lost, and you have the backup on, then you can restore that in just a few clicks. And, to do this, you have to click on restore.

Now you will see the pop up like this

Click Restore button to restore the backups.

Isn’t it very simple to use?


SqlBak is quite affordable, and the basic plan is FREE. Look at their pricing below:


Database backup is mandatory if you are running a full-time online business because if you lose it, you lose everything. And, SqlBak fits the best to keep the DB backed up.

If you have any questions, do let me know in the comments.

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