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7 Signs You Should Invest In Mobile App Development

mobile app development
Written by Mridul Kabra

With mobile apps, it is easy for entrepreneurs to reach out to the huge market comprised of people using smartphones and tablets. If you think that mobile apps are only for big brands like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Flipkart you are wrong. Currently, more and more organizations are following the latest mobile app trend. You will find that many businesses you reach out in your daily life have their mobile app. With mobile apps for different mobile operating systems such as Apple, Android, BlackBerry and others, you can build brand awareness, loyalty and strong relationship with existing and potential customers. The fact is that nowadays users expect a business to have its enthusiastic mobile app. This means it is not only becoming a necessity to gain a competitive edge over other industries, but it has also become a necessity to avoid falling behind your competition.

Mobile device and mobile apps offer users exceptional benefits including flexibility, availability, and speed, etc. The globalization of smartphones and tablets has led to the development of millions of iOS and Android applications in the past few years. Having a dedicated mobile app enhances the credibility of a brand. Keeping in mind the importance of mobile apps in the current market, it is suggested to create one for your business. Here we have highlighted the top reasons why you should invest in mobile app development for your brand.

7 Signs You Should Invest In Mobile App Development

Mobile is your Present

It cannot be denied that the world has gone mobile and there is no turning back. People are used to the presence of mobility in all areas of their lives. Most of the users are using their smart devices to find local businesses. Your online presence is being viewed via mobile devices. Consequently, having a website is not enough. People are turning away from the desktop browsers and relying on mobile applications. Therefore, this is the first requirement of success which involves trends compliances and the ability to meet the demand of today’s customer.

Your Customer is now available on Mobile

Recent statistics show that the smartphone users spend on average of 3-4 hours per day on their devices. They are using mobile phones to find out their requirements and local businesses. With mobile apps, your business is right in the user’s hand, and it is advised to make the best use of it while creating a mobile app for your business and then release in the market.

It can be a Social Platform

Nowadays people are obsessed with social media. So you will want to be a part of their obsessions obviously. You can interact with them by integrating social features such as likes, comments, reviews for your app and it will help your company and improves its social media presence. This way, people can review, share their experience or discuss service and products. People spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter. Thus, having a mobile app that provides them all the features, they get in social media means they will give more time to your app.

Build Brand

Whether you are a small or large organization, your goal should be to make the customer aware of your brand. By investing in Android or iOS application you can make your brand value among mobile users. A mobile app for your enterprise can highly contribute to your brand awareness. Building brand value by using mobile apps is considerably easy by making ads through mobile apps. A business can leverage their name and recognition to increase their user base.

Better Service and Sales Revenue

Mobile app development has changed the way of selling and buying services and products. The technology has made sales easier than ever before. It also has changed the way people view and analyze a product before buying. Recent research shows that 65% of individuals expect to shop more on their smartphone over the next couple of years. After all, better service is one of the best practices to drive more revenue, and they are perfect for support and service.

Attraction of Younger Audience

Do you know almost 80% of young generation would have access to smartphones by the end of the year 2017? Young customers are found to be relying more on mobile phones than on PC or desktop computers; this is because the mobile apps have become a new tool for browsing, reviewing, buying products and services nowadays. That is why to reach that point you need to invest in a mobile app.

App Boost Interest

When you develop applications, it offers an easy way to display your products and services in front of your present and potential clients. Each time they want to buy something, they can simply use it as one stop solution to get all the information they require. And whenever you update your service and product content, you can notify your customers that will create a direct way in between you and your clients.

So, if you are having a business and do not have a mobile app then rethink and make sure you’re not missing out on all the benefits of a mobile app. It not only increases your ROI but also provides better customer engagement and experience. This helps in retaining a long-term relationship with a client and creating a brand.

About the author

Mridul Kabra

Mridul Kabra is a TEDx speaker on the topic of Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins. He is the Digital Marketing Head at The Nine Hertz and Quadrigo. As a Digital Marketing Trainer, he has trained more than 1500 students at prestigious institutions like IITs, NITs and MBA colleges in India.


  • Thanks Mridul for your valuable info.Your perceptions are highly appreciated. I must say “Your Customer is now available on Mobile” this point is very effective in 2017.Everybody loves to operate their business operations from their mobile even big brands offer different cash back coupons for using their app.Thanks for your sharing.

  • Thanks Mridul! I definitely see the benefits of a mobile app for ecommerce, what are your thoughts on businesses like real estate? Been helping my sister out with her business and was wondering if this is a fit for that industry. With this info I can now dig into the concept more, appreciate it.

  • These days mobile apps are almost a must have for every business, even bloggers are now adapting mobile apps for their blog. The only challenge is that it doesn’t always come cheap.

  • Hi Mridul,
    Thanks for sharing this amazing post. And surely these reasons are enough that we should move towards Mobile App development.
    Thanks for the great share.
    Have a good day.

  • Hey Mridul,

    Nice Post!!!

    It is true that Mobile is in our present and would even contribute in the coming future. Today we can’t even imagine a single day without the smart phones. We are dependent and moreover addicted to them.It is true that mobile applications have attracted more customers to the businesses and even you can promote your business on social media as people are very much socially active nowadays.

    Thanks for sharing this information and keep sharing!!!

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