Best Free Blogging Sites and Publishing Platforms Reviewed

Written by Rohan Chaubey

Blogging has come a long way in the past decade. It takes your interests or passion to an entirely new level. From just a hobby to some prestige career, and now it is a worldwide phenomenon. It is an exciting way to share your piece of mind with others.

Here Is the Bargain:

You can find tons of blogging platforms; however, they all have their pros and cons. What works for a fashion blogger might not work for a money blogger.

Let’s dive into the best available Free blogging platforms and examine each one in-depth.

How to Choose Your Free Blogging Platform:

There are a lot of free blogging sites available to you. In this post, I am comparing the ones that are easiest to maintain.

There are a couple of red flags if you proceed with totally free sites. They might give you a shared domain name (that is the URL would be Not everything will be on your terms. You won’t be able to monetize it, the way you want to.

But that doesn’t keep you from starting a blog and transitioning it into a self-hosted domain, right?

Here are the best free blogging and publishing platforms on the internet:


Blogger is a family name, for it being owned by Google. It is one of the longest strolling free blogging structures on the web.

It is a good option for people who are looking for something quick and straight forward. It will take you less than 20 minutes from start to publish your first article on Blogger.

The downside is the fact that there aren’t just a whole lot of consumers.

Who should be using Blogger?

– Personal blogs

– Niche-focused blogs

– Beginners looking to try out blogging


Tumblr came a little late to the blogging party. But Tumblr is different from others as it focuses on, “Micro Blogging.”

The website is entirely visual and will enthral any image or photograph blogger.

You aren’t going to observe any long length word articles in this platform.

Instead, you will find limited little witty remarks, plus a lot of animated gifs. It’s a different world than most platforms; nevertheless, you have to give Tumblr some credits for the appeal and simplicity it gives.

Who should be using Tumblr? 

– Personal Blogs

– Writers Blogs

– Artist Blogs


Medium is a free running blog platform founded by Twitter’s founders. This platform is a place where you can get your voice heard without the responsibility of the full-time writer.

Here you can leap in quickly and write anything of your concern, things you are passionate about, and also you have the privilege to share it with the entire world.

You are also going to have the ability to browse different people’s work which will, in turn, inspire you to write more and fresh content.

It’s a beautiful means by which you get in touch with the spirit of blogging and to connect to with other fellow bloggers.

Who should all be using Medium?

– Opinions bloggers

– Someone who simply wishes to sense what it feels like to blog

– An Inquisitive blog reader who would like to test their hands in the craft 


BlogBeats is a Geo-Time tagged content and blogging platform that allows users to create, publish and discover news and stories based content. It is the first and one of its kinds.

How is this one different from the other popular blogging platforms?

– It’s a Geo-Time tagged platform, that is, you can find an aggregation of latest, trending and popular stories across all locations. You can quickly locate the content of the same kind through geolocation and timelines.

– SEO enable, which helps your article to rank better on google, which ultimately gives your story more search visibility. Unlike others, you don’t need to promote your content; Blogbeats does it for you.

– Highly structured and quality content under 200+ categories.

– Automation of your published content on social networking sites.

– A plug-n-play solution that doesn’t need separate plug-ins for SEO, social media postings. As we said, you only take care of the content; leave rest to Blogbeats.

– Blogbeats is a multilingual platform (7 languages). So you have the option of blogging in your mother tongue.

That’s awesome, isn’t it?

That is not it. Start blogging and you will fall in love with the unique user interface too.

The mobile app of BlogBeats allows you write blogs on voice command. BlogBeats also offers to migrate to a top level domain, and their future releases promise to add monetization options for the bloggers.

I highly recommend you to sign up to if you’re a blogger just starting your blogging journey or an organization that wants to have their own private/public blog. Blogbeats is not going to disappoint you! 😉

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