Movavi Slideshow Maker Review – Online Guide onHow to Make a SlideShow Movie

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Written by Saurabh

Movavi Slideshow Maker is a great tool for creating slideshow presentation for your coursework or public speech. It is easy to work with your slideshow using Movavi Slideshow Maker because it has a timeline panel. The timeline panel shows the sequence in which the slides will play in the slideshow. The slideshow maker also has another function as a video editor because it offers video editing tools like clipping, rotate and crop.

You can start by organizing the digital images that you want to use in the slideshow. You are to plan out the flow of the presentation by determining which slide to use at the beginning, middle and end. The images files should be renamed according to the sequence of the storyline so that it will already be in order when you have loaded them into the software. Movavi photo slideshow maker allows you to add multiple pictures to your slideshow through the Add Media Files button or drag-and-drop interface.

There are two different modes in Movavi Slideshow Maker including Easy mode and Full feature mode. The easy mode is designed for beginners and only has 3 steps to create a slideshow. The full featured mode is for more advanced users who want to add an additional feature like special effects and titles onto the slideshow.

You can add a few words on your slides with the text tools found under the T tab. All the text styles under T tab are animated but you can edit them. To edit the text style, you must first add it to the picture slide. When the text style is added to the image slide, a text block will appear in the T-track and you are to double click it to make it editable in the preview panel.

You can move, delete and resize the design of the text style as you want in the preview panel once it becomes editable. It is best not to put too much information on the slide as it will make it hard for the audience to read. You should try to concise your points into a brief sentence and make the fonts big so that the slide is easy to read. When the text is selected, you will see the text formatting options above including font color and size.

You can customize the duration of the image slide by selecting it and clicking on the cogwheel button. The image duration pop-up will appear and you can use the up/down arrow to set the duration. Another way to change the image duration is to select the picture slide and dragging it to the left to reduce the duration or dragging it to the right to increase the duration.

The timeline panel features an audio track in the upper section. The audio track allows you to synchronize a slideshow with an audio clip. Linking an audio track is easy and it involves dragging the audio clip above the area of the video clip. If the audio clip is linked, you will see a blue line with the audio file name. If you change your mind about including the audio clip, you just have to select it and press the Del key or the Trash button on the toolbar.

To adjust the audio volume of the audio clip, you are to go to the audio clip properties and drag the audio volume slider up to increase it or down to lower the volume in the slideshow. The audio speed can also be customized within a scale of 0.1 – 10 in the audio clip properties. You can split the audio clips into many parts by pressing the split button. To loop the audio clip, you simply select it and press Ctrl+C to copy it and Ctrl+V to paste it repetitively until it reaches the end of the video.

When your slideshow is ready, don’t forget to save it by pressing the Export button. You can playback the slideshow on your media player to make sure there is no mistake.

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