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10 Best Rdio Alternatives You Can Try

Best Rdio Alternatives
Written by Saurabh

Rdio, founded in August 2010, One among the pioneers for music streaming service along with Napster, Deezer etc. It offered ad-supported free music or a premium for 9.99$/month, Rdio had its presence in over 85 countries, with over 35 million tracks, having links with 4 major record labels, It was a great success. Its unique social networking feature, it’s user-friendly interface was one of the reasons for its global attraction. A humble start with a focus on product base rather on business, helped the company achieve customer’s interest, It’s well thought out marketing strategy kicked the firm up the ladder. Till the storm struck, the accusations, lawsuits against Rdio piled up, which eventually led the company to go bankrupt, And Pandora taking over the rest of it.

Giving rise to the competitors to step in. Here are a few other Best Rdio Alternatives.

  • Spotify

A Swedish startup, launched on 2008, It was just another music app, until recently, it took over the market with currently having over 100 million active users (40% paid subscribers) , It’s pricing no different from the others, 9.99/month or the ad-supported free version, The key aspect of Spotify is its focus on creating a huge customer base, cause that is how this industry earns, It’s currently valued over a billion dollars. It has over 40-50 million tracks, spread out over 60 countries, The app provides you with the sharing feature, It allows you to check out your friends music preferences, and other features like the long press to preview, etc, the user interface is brilliant, It’s even available on smart TVs and play stations too. The search algorithms are well built, giving the customers the best atmosphere. The downside is the radio, which is not appreciated by the customers and no offline mode of playing. But the buzz or the trend has taken over the market in an outstanding form.

  • Deezer

Another popular music streaming service, with over 16 million users and over 40 million tracks, It stretches itself over 180 countries, Yea that’s right, numerous songs in different languages, Deezer is available on smartphones, smart TVs even on Car systems, It has a well-designed user interface, The subscription cost is similar to Spotify, 9.99$/month. The sound quality is great. The service is well built in social networking. It’s bit of a struggle to find the song you’re searching for, as the recommendations are not up to the mark.

  • Tidal

Yet another music streaming service, with over 3 million users and over 30 million tracks, spread over 30 countries. The price is the same, 9.99$/month, it also offers you a Hifi plan for 19.99/month where the sound quality is at its extreme. The service provides a great user interface, great social networking feature. Tidal is available on similar platforms as Deezer. Unlike Deezer it contains music videos too, TidalX is an additional feature which lets you connect with your favorite artists, meet and greet,  etc.. The playlists are curated by experts or artists themselves, granting customers the very best.

  • Pandora

It’s one of the oldest music streaming services, Pandora plays songs as per the customer’s genre, The customer rates it subsequently, and the playlists are thus customized according to the customer’s interest.  Sadly, the service is available only in 3 countries; It has around 250 million registered users. The app is available on various platforms such as smart phones, web, etc. The pricing is comparatively cheaper, 5$/month. You can also find other listeners online, share songs, create your own radio stations; an additional feature includes lyrics for the songs, which attract customers too.

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No, it’s not just available on Apple devices; its platform stretches out to Windows, Android etc. The service is extremely rich on features, with gapless playback, Pricing with the 3-month free trial, and 9.99$/month later. Apple music contains over 35 million songs and is available in over 100 countries. The stations/playlists are curated mostly by artists themselves, giving the authenticity of the music. The app is great, and of course the Beats audio, which is incredible.

  • Google Play music

Another venture by Google, and obviously it’s great, the design is unique with a saturated look, A month of free trial, later charging 10$/month. Over 30 million tracks available in over 70 countries. The service lacks on social networking, it does allow you to listen to songs offline, you can create your own playlists, upload songs etc. An additional download feature is also available.

  • Amazon Music

An online music store, with over 30 million songs, though it’s available only on few countries, the wide range of playlists and the subscription to prime account lets you stream videos, shipping of products, etc. Amazon cloud player application lets you upload, download music. The user interface is fine, nothing innovative from Amazon. The Prime subscription cost varies according to the features you opt for.

  • Gaana

It’s an Indian music station, it also provides international tracks, Gaana supports over 20 languages, you can create your own playlists. It competes with other Indian music stations like Wynk, etc. Users across the globe can access the Indian tracks.

  • Saavn

An American based company, with over 30 million tracks available in over 200 countries, it contains English, Bollywood and some other regional music tracks. No great features, pricing varies in accordance to place. It’s available on Windows, Android etc. Saavn has over 20 million active users presently.

  • Groove

A digital music streaming service, earlier known as Xbox music, founded n 2012 by Microsoft, The service has over 35 million tracks, The pricing is similar to Spotify, 9.99$/month. Groove allows you to upload songs to the cloud, and it’s available on a number of platforms like Windows, Android, IOS, etc.

Author Bio: – Paul Stalker is the CEO & Founder of No Human Verification. He is a tech geek & SEO expert from past 5 years.

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