6 Best Free CDN to Speed Up and Secure Your Website

Best Free CDN
Written by Saurabh

It is an undeniable fact that slow loading pages can impede your search engine ranking!

Page loading is one of the major search engine ranking factors, and if your website pages take more time to load, then you need to revamp them. Your pages must have fast loading time both on the desktops and on smartphones. Along with considering key requirements, like a good hosting firm, cache integration and more, CDN or Content Delivery Network has a pivotal role to play in enhancing the speed of your WordPress site.

Now if you are new and don’t know what exactly CDN means, then let me brief it to you. CDN or Content Delivery Network has data centers in distinct geographical locations, and when a website using CDN is opened by a user then its files (static texts, images, etc.) are catered from the closest data center of the CDN. This reduces the latency and pings, and your pages load faster. Besides this, CDN has numerous other prime benefits, and hence, is considered essential for any website.

Since CDN is a necessity for any website, so here I present to you the 6 Best Free CDN to speed up and safeguard your website.

  1. Incapsula

Introduced by Imperva, Incapsula is one of the elite cloud-based security providers offering high speed and protection to any website. The ‘free plan’ from Incapsula is ideal for the personal blog or website and offers amazing features like:

  • Global CDN
  • IPV6 Support
  • Compression, Caching, Image Optimization, Minification
  • Real-time data, Weekly reports, Regular monitoring, Traffic Statistics
  • CAPTCHA security, protection against comment spam and spam bot

But businesses and large e-commerce companies may go for PRO or Business plan, which is paid and offer more interesting features like, Web Application Firewall, DDoS protection, Load balancer, and more. With data centers located in 30 different geographical locations, it can serve content to your readers from the closest location.

Incapsula is being used by more than 524,000 websites, like Moz, WIX, Siemens, GoEast, and T-Mobile.

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  1. Datapath

It is another exclusive and Best Free CDN that integrates with AWS to offer your website with faster speed and reduce the total bandwidth expenditure. The data path is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) solution that offers you absolute control over your network, route traffic, cost, latency, and bandwidth.

It is a premium solution for those who want to optimize traffic and reduce issues related to AWS latency. The ‘free plan’ from Datapath offer features, such as:

  • One Elastic IP
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • 500GB per month traffic
  • Latency Optimization

It is the finest solution for those who are using AWS and wish to optimize the network latency. It would also help them save the overall expenditure.

  1. CloudFlare

If you are searching for a super-efficient CDN service that can supercharge your website’s speed and impart strong security, then there is no one best than CloudFlare. Due to its brilliant performance and outstanding functionality it has become the preferred Best Free CDN service provider for more than 4 million website users.

With its POP located in 101 different countries across the world, it delivers excellent functionality and numerous features even under its ‘free plan’ offer.

  • Content Caching, IPV6 Support, Instant Purge Caching
  • Globally load balanced CDN
  • WebSockets
  • Basic DDoS security
  • Restful API
  • Async Javascript Loading
  • HTTPS Rewrites
  • CloudFlare issued certification
  • Threats and Operational Insights
  • Content Scraping Protection, Comment Spam Protection
  • Page Rules

Setting up a website with CloudFlare is very much easy and takes even less than ten minutes. It is an excellent platform to speed up and secure your website. If you are concerned more about your website’s security, then you can even go for a PRO or higher paid plan that offer other exciting features, like Image optimization, WAF, mobile optimization, and more.

You can even check out the versatile CloudFlare apps, which makes the integration convenient without the need of installing anything additional. For instance, you can have Pingdom Swiftype; Google Analytics engage enabled without requiring any additional support or installing any code.

  1. Netlify

An ideal host for static websites, it can provide high speed to your site through efficient CDN functionality. With more than 35,000 developers in its coverage and hosting more than 90,000 websites, you can consider Netlify if you wish to bring strength to your stable site structure.

The ‘free plan’ from Netlify offers incredible great features such as:

  • Continuous Deployment
  • Redirect Rules
  • Custom Domain
  • Rollbacks
  • Cache invalidation
  • Global CDN, High-speed DNS
  • DDoS safety
  • Git integration
  • Prerendering, Cache invalidation
  • HTTP/2, Encrypt Certification
  • Custom HTTP Headers
  1. Photon

Although, it is an image-boosting service, if you are using WordPress with heavy images then this would work fine for you. It is an amazing value added service that is not a complete CDN. You can use Photon to offload the bandwidth of all types of image files to load the photos at much faster pace.

You can enable functionality of photon through Jetpack plugin dashboard or opt for self-hosted WordPress sites. As soon as you activate the Photon feature of the JetPack, the images of your blog will be catered by servers.

  1. JS Deliver

JS Deliver is a ‘free’ CDN solution ideal for hosting javascript files. It is a highly useful Best Free CDN service for webmasters and developers. Since most of the WordPress blogs include javascript files, so you can host these files conveniently on JS Deliver to boost the loading process and save the maximum possible bandwidth.

JS Deliver caters the files from Keycdn, CloudFlare, MaxCDN, and Quantil. It is even possible to load multiple files with single HTTP request without limiting the traffic movement.

These are the Best Free CDN services that you can use even when your website traffic is high. It is because CDN service is not just meant to increase the speed, but it could also help you save on the server bandwidth that could reduce expenditure in the long run.

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