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How to Proceed with Corrupted HardDrive Data Recovery Process?

HardDrive Data Recovery
Written by Saurabh

Our hard drive basically stores all the data that our computer has. Although it is made to be highly reliable and robust, there can be instances where your harddrive can get corrupted or simply lose all the data. It can wreak havoc in your digital life and if there are very important files in it, you might have to go through a lot of complications. Fortunately, there are software tools which are capable of recovering your data without much hassle. If there is a hardware problem with your hard drive, it can get really difficult to get your data back because it might have been completely wiped out. But if it is a software issue, you can get it back conveniently through the usage of good file recovery software.

Free HardDrive Data Recovery Tool – EaseUs

When it comes to reliability, EaseUS is the best option among all the recovery software which can help you in dealing with your corrupt hard drive. To know more about the software, let’s know the features of EaseUS and see the steps of how you can proceed with the corrupted harddrive data recovery process.

Step 1: Launch and Locate

At first, you need to launch the EaseUS software to initiate the process of recovering the files. As soon as you see the interface, you will need to locate the drive which has either been corrupted or crashed. Select that particular drive so that you can begin the process of scanning. Usually, the hard drive which is corrupted will show blank or won’t open at all. This is an indication to know whether which drive has actually corrupted.

Step 2: Initiate the Scan

Now that you know the corrupted drive, you can simply initiate a scan through EaseUS. But there are two major methods through which you can scan with the software. One is the basic scan which is known as the Quick scan and the other one is an advanced version known as the Deep scan. Both of them have their own significance but in an attempt to recover a crashed hard drive, you would need to perform a Deep scan. The process is quite simple. In order to do a scan, simply select the drive and start scanning. After a quick scan, if there aren’t any significant results, the software will automatically start with deep scan. The scans are extremely advanced in nature and they will definitely help you in recovering your lost data.

 Step 3: Recover the Files

This is the final step which you need to take in order to get back your files. All your lost files will be listed in a sequence within the software. You can choose from the list of files which you want back. In the case of hard drive corruption or crash, you will most probably need to recover the whole drive which can be done by choosing a single option. The whole user interface and user experience of the software are nicely built to allow the user to follow the steps and not get confused. Even if you have chosen the data recovery software free version, you will have a sufficient amount of features and facilities to the software.

You can follow these simple steps and easily Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows.

However, apart from getting your files back, if you want to fix the hard drive altogether, you can follow the below methods to do so:

Error Checking

Conduct a full-fledged disc check for the drive which will let you know what the problem is. This can be done by right-clicking that particular hard drive and selecting Properties. You then need to access Tools > Error Checking > Check Now. You must select check local disk and begin the process. Just restart your PC after you are done with this.


This is a popular command among Windows users. You just need to open the command prompt, then type “chkdsk” and press enter. After it, you need to type “chkdsk F: /f /r/ x”. You need to change the command as per your affected drive. Here, the drive name is considered as F. This will eventually solve the problem for you and bring back your hard drive to being normal.

File Manager

Windows File manager has become an effective organization of files in the recent versions. It also has some additional features which can be useful. Follow the same steps as you did for Error Checking but this time, you can click on the ‘Repair this drive’ option. This will help in repairing the drive for any issues that persists in your hard drive.

The Last Words

Above mentioned were some HardDrive Data Recovery methods through which you can recover the files and also fix your corrupted hard drive. These methods will work in most of the cases. You can proceed with the HardDrive Data Recovery process using EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard. It can turn out to be the best choice for recovering the data from corrupted hard drive of your computer/laptop. EaseUs is one of the most popular software that is used by thousands of people across the globe. There are other methods as well to try on. If none of the methods works, the method of recovering data with EaseUs data recovery Wizard will surely work. Try it out now!

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