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How to Get Free SSL Certificate for Blog/Website (HTTPS)

Free SSL Certificate
Written by Saurabh

Are you interested in offering your viewers with better safety and wish to enhance your search engine rankings? How would you feel if you get to know that you can avail all this without spending a single penny!

With SSL certificates you can secure your website connection and augment its search engine ranking in Google, and the great thing is that you can get SSL certificate for absolutely free of cost. So, first I brief you about the various free SSL certificates let me tell you what an SSL certificate actually is!

SSL Certificate Meaning

If you have ever noticed, then some websites begin with Http://, while there are other sites that start with https://. This difference is because of an SSL certificate. SSL is an abbreviated name for Secure Sockets Layer that performs the role of establishing an encrypted link between your viewer’s web browser and your web server.

If you have an unsecured HTTP connection, then third-parties can grab any traffic between your web server and your visitor’s browser. This is an imperative subject, especially if you are passing sensitive information, such as credit card details. In fact, for this reason, even Google forces website owners to use secure HTTPS connections for all their traffic.

Why you actually require an SSL Certificate?

Earlier, only e-commerce webmasters care about having an SSL certificate, but over past few years, things transformed when Google forced the use of SSL certification and made it one of the important ranking factor.

The reality is the use of SSL certificates gives a boost in the SERPs. The boost might not be significant, but can be a good one. But in January 2017, Google went further and confirmed that Google would mark HTTP pages that gather passwords or credit card details as non-secure! This implies that is you do not have an HTTPS page then it would be marked as unsafe for the users.

So, if you have an SSL certificate, you are not just imparting safety to your visitors, but you also have better search engine ranking.

Different Kinds of Free SSL Certificate

If you wish to have certificate implemented on your site without spending even a penny then here are few SSL or Certificate Authority House providers to help you. The limitation of these free certificates is, they come with very few days validity, so we can say these are trial certificates that will give you an idea of SSL installation process only. If you would like to obtain SSL certificate for long period at an affordable price, then you can choose a company like Cheap SSL Shop.

  1. Let’s Encrypt

It is a collaborative project with the Linux Foundation and novel certificate authority sponsored by Akamai, Cisco, Mozilla, Facebook, SiteGround, and more that provides free SSL Certificate.

It is an excellent way to save expenditure and implement it in a non-productive scenario. The SSL is automated, and hence, you don’t have to create CSR and send to CA authority to get it approved. All this occurs automatically in the background of web servers.

  1. CloudFlare

Cloud Flare is Security and CDN Company that can make your website secure and much faster. It powers numerous prestigious sites, like Yelp, StackOverflow, Reddit, Mozilla, and more. The recent announcement from Cloud Flare confirms the universal SSL in free for all users. So, if you are using the free plan of Cloud Flare and wish to activate the SSL plugin then you can do this in following steps:

  • Login into the Cloud Flare
  • Select the site you wish to enable SSL
  • Click on the Crypto button
  • Set the configuration to ‘flexible’ and status to ‘ACTIVE ‘

Check this Guide for More Info – How to setup Cloudflare flexible SSL Certificate for WordPress

In just a few seconds, you are ready with the SSL security. You can verify it by accessing your site with https.

  1. Comodo

Comodo provides free of cost SSL for complete 90 days. It is a perfect selection if you are looking secured certification for a short-term project or if you wish to comprehend on how SSL works. You can get free of cost SSL certification issues in an just a couple of minutes with the biggest strength and bit encryption. Almost all major browsers identify Comodo issued certificates.

  1. cPanel Account

It is one of the hosts that has partnered with Let’s Encrypt to add free SSL certificate right inside their client’s cPanel dashboards. For instance, if you are hosting at SiteGround, you can install an SSL certificate in just a few seconds from the cPanel dashboard. All you have to do is find out the Let’s Encrypt button. After this, you need to select your desired domain and click on the install button.

  1. StartCom

It offers free of cost certificate for personal use. To ensure you get the certificate, you are required to validate the domain ownership. This certification is perfect if you have your own personal blog or website. You can procure unlimited class 1 DV SSL certificate for free of cost!

  1. SSL for Free

If your website host is not supporting Let’s Encrypt, then you may still be able to obtain free SSL certificate by using a website known as ‘SSL for Free.’This website would help you configure the Let’s Encrypt certificates, but for this, you will require access to the FTP details of your website and potentially support from your host. If it is possible for you, then you must try to find out a host that offers direct Let’s Encrypt support as it completely simplifies the process.

  1. WoSign

This is another authority to offer a certificate for 2 years without any expenditure. It supports the SHA2 algorithm. You can get a certificate issued from the WoSign CA Free SSL Certificate G2.

  1. FreeSSL

While it is not yet publicly available, the FreeSSL is an absolutely free of cost certificate project from Symantec. It is an amazing option for startups and Non-profits. Also, you can always sign up to be notified when FreeSSL gets public.

Since Google is forcing SSL, so it is something that cannot be ignored. As of now, Google has confirmed it as an important factor in search engine rankings, but it is predicted that in future Google might punish sites that don’t bring SSL to use. SSL certificate is available at free of cost, so don’t take a chance and get it now.

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  • Good article. Anything that helps improve peoples awareness of security should be applauded.
    You can buy domain validated SSL certificates for less than $10 per year.. why would this pose a problem and make people want to wait for LetsEncrypt.. ? which is certainly not ‘easy’ and may also not proliferate quite as fast as everyone first expected. Great for the future with increasing M2M communications, but not prime time just yet.
    At this point all traffic should be under https to deter the bulk of the people who understand enough to sniff your traffic.. a determined, skilled malcontent can usually get past all but the most heavily secured traffic/sites.
    The reality is that nothing is truly secure these days but you can protect your sites and traffic enough to make it much harder to breach, for a trivial cost.
    Google rarely has the interests of anyone other than Google in mind, but I think that encouraging everyone to use https is a fine idea, and they are one of the few companies in a position to enlighten the vast number of people who are otherwise unaware of the need for improved security.

  • I used SSL from many 3rd party providers, They irritated with various signs while providing Free Trial SSL. And I didn’t get Let’s Encys tooo & then I jumped to Comodo for Free SSL Certificate finally my domain now settled with https

  • Great job Saurabh Bro, 🙂

    Thanks for sharing article on ssl certificate. It is most useful for websites. All the points mentioned in the article is clearly true.

    I have a question though. I read somewhere enabling SSL will affect the adsense income? Is it true?

    Thanks for all your educational efforts!

    Happy Blogging 🙂

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