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Written by Saurabh

When the concept of blogs come into action in late 90’s maximum peoples, want to share their views and thoughts on the Internet and want that their voice should be heard all around the world. With the passing time, individuals come to know the hidden benefits of blogging in SEO & marketing. How to write blogpost can boost your leads generation and marketing campaigns.

The business world got the boost with the concept of blogging. A marketing company who is having business blogs has 67% more leads generated from the business with no blog. While those companies who have added blogs on their websites have 97% more traffic on their websites than their previous month’s data.

The concept of blogging have proven that they can generate lead sand increase traffic for any website but not every company who started blog got the desired results because they never know How to Start a Blog and the most important thing is they never thinks about the difficulties to start a new blog.


But starting a blog is just an essential thing and the first step towards blogging what about writing? You have to be a good content writer with lots of new ideas in your mind to serve your audience.  In this article, we will teach you How to write a blog post – [Info graphic]?

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