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When you send a commercial message to a group of people, it is called email marketing. When a company sends an email to a potential customer or existing customer it is called email marketing whatsoever the reason may be. Email marketing is done to advertise, attract, for business, and to spread awareness and information about the company. It can be used to sell a product immediately, to regain the trust of previous customers, to advertise and to build a strong bond with the customers. Email marketing developed primarily in the 21st century with the rapid growth of technology.


TRANSACTIONAL EMAILS- It is sent to confirm and facilitate the transaction which was earlier agreed upon.

DIRECT EMAILS- To advertise about the new features and offers about the product direct emails are used. It is used to update the customers about the products.

MOBILE EMAIL MARKETING- It is becoming a highly used marketing system as the users are mainly on the cell phones.


It is quite fast and a cheaper method to advertise your product. It saves the time and paper as compared to traditional mail. Innumerable customers can be reached with the facility of emails. The response rate of emails is higher than the regular emails.


SENDPULSE is emerging as a strong competitor in the email marketing arena. It offers high-speed service and provides a variety of mailings from a single platform. The open email rates can be increased up to 30% with the help of send pulse with the basic open rate being 15%. As the open rate increases the response rate increases and there is an increase in the number of customers.

With the help of send pulse, you only have to worry about communicating with the customers because the technical part is taken care by it. The speed and deliverability are two of the most important feature of SENDPULSE. With the facility of personalizing your emails, SENDPULSE increases the open rate significantly and attracts some customers. In today’s world, most of us rely only on our mobile devices for our work. In such a scenario SENDPULSE personalizes your email in such a way that it looks nice on your mobile devices.

It also provides an excellent mobile app which comes with the features of managing and sending emails effectively. It is a single platform using which you can send emails, push notifications and this creates an excellent communication with the customers. The integration with the third party, the scheduler and subscription form will increase the effectiveness of your email. The new features increase the open rate by 30-80% depending on the company.

HOW Does IT work?

SENDPULSE increase the open rate of emails to 30% the original open rates being 15%. Further, with the resend to open feature it has increased the open rates by 30-80% depending on the company. The soft-wares are so advanced that it searches for the best time to send emails. This is done by utilizing a powerful AI engine. It has the excellent feature of unlimited web push notifications forever.

The engine is powerful hence enhancing the SMS, web push and email to attract customers and for maximum subscriber reach. The engine also helps in sending automated emails based on any events like products viewed, product added to cart, etc. It collects tons of data, analyzes it and then predicts the best time and channel as to when and where to send the next message. As a result of new features, the open rates of emails have increased to 50% on an average.


Emails, SMS and Web push marketing is done on a single platform. The API integration service is an excellent feature of SENDPULSE. It comes with ready-made email templates and a very good email editor to personalize your emails. The mobile app is quite user-friendly and can manage your emails effectively.

The subscribers and their status can be easily tracked using your mobile device. The STMP service is smart and reliable with quick and straightforward integration which helps in sending emails from any web service. You can authenticate yourself as a sender using DKIM and SPF signatures.

The web push service is completely free for all customers and is easy to integrate. This helps in sending the notifications easily to all the subscribers. It has an excellent global reach and an automated SMS sending service with SMS going out based on the schedule and triggers. The app can be easily used on almost all platforms like android and ios. Offers different languages like English, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.

It also provides free trial service, and if you are contented with it, you can become a subscriber with pricing from around 9$. It has impressive features like email personalization, free notification, trigger messages, email scheduler, automated SMS service, SPF signatures for the authentication, etc. API integrations and other systems help the users to track campaign statistics and to send emails effectively.

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