What Is the Best Way to Consolidate Technical Debt?

Consolidate Technical Debt
Written by Saurabh

Technical debt is referred to as a concept in programming that takes place when an easy and straightforward code is implemented instead of a suitable code that is little difficult but proves compatible in the long run.  When an easy to sue law is implemented, it requires constant modifications in future which result in refactoring of resources that in plain language are come to be recognized as technical debt.

An excess amount of technical debt can ruin a project, and that is why it is best to follow a proper approach when at the time of implementing the code. Technical debts mainly are scattered, and it arises in due course, sometimes in the heads of the developer, with the backlog and along the social board dedicated to technical debt. The debt shoots up the cost the project and creates a chaotic situation which at times gets difficult to manage. It is therefore suggested in the best interest of the project that Consolidates Technical Debt as immediately as possible and given below are few ways to do so-

Eliminate broken window

The jargon “eliminate broken window” was first used in respect to software development in a pragmatic way and it relates to eliminating unnecessary codes that are put or used with programming. As a developer or programmer, if you feel that certain codes are triggering bad behavior or any unsuitable results, then it gets imperative for you to eliminate such codes from the program to avoid any unexpected error associated with execution.

Consolidate Technical Debt –

One of the best and probably the most suitable way to consolidate technical debt is by tracking all technical debt issues into one single place. When things are scattered, it gets quite complicated to fathom out difficulties, and it results in the creation of chaos that results in aggravating the problem further. Since the program must be having a backlog where the whole history of the codes and technical data can be traced, here you can look track the fault, and this clearly helps in Consolidate Technical Debt in a significant manner.

Consider metrics for better consolidations

If there is any issue that causes technical debt, then it becomes necessary that you think the metric factor associated with it and how it is responding on ROI factor. For any project to be called as a technical debt, it is important that metrics are known. The complexity of the problem should also be considered, and it should be related to financial aspect to gauge the magnitude of the technical debt and thereby to opt for a reliable consolidation.

Explain the need and importance for consolidation

When addressing the issue of technical debt, it is important that you make people associated with the project understand the importance of consolidation. You can at this time state that why addressing the issue of technical debt is important and what harmful effects it can have on the project if in the event of not addressing the issue. The important part is that everyone associated with the project should understand the relevance of consolidating the technical debt and how the problem should be dealt with.

Make the technical fault visible to everyone

Once any discrepancy or technical glitch is experienced with the program or the software, you should make the same pretty clear to the developer, the owner of the business or with everyone associated with the problem. Awareness creates a sort of education and people, and everyone related to the project starts thinking about the impending solution. Since people responsible for technical debt gets aware about the same, they follow the backlog quite strictly a look for the imminent solution for mitigating technical debt in a time-bound manner.

Since technical debt is quite harmful to the project, it is always to the programmers or developers to go for buffer task option when working with the code for developing software. Since technical debt can enhance the cost of the overall project while asking for refactoring, it certainly can make the project an unsuccessful proposition. It is, therefore, advisable to always follow a pragmatic approach when during coding and development process of any software.Visit here to learn more.

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