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2GB Hosting
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2GB hosting is an India based leading hosting provider that offers a reliable hosting service to some individuals and businesses. They provide relevant and competent infrastructure to support basic needs of small businesses as well as respond to the core concerns of international organizations with a global presence.

Its data center is based at Jaipur that is considered one of the safest places in India and remains mostly free from no natural disasters or other issues that can be a possible threat to data security. The constant monitoring, branded hardware and expert technical support offer stability and a complete peace of mind. Prices are affordable, and service quality is excellent.

A brief Introduction

2GBHosting responds to the most pertinent issue of the hosting industry that is creating a gap between haves and have-nots. No, it’s not about cheapest web hosting packages. We are talking about fair pricing policy without compromising on quality. Their pricing is reasonably affordable, and they offer some different packages to suit different budget requirements.

One can clearly see their endeavor to encourage small businesses and first timers by providing tentative and basic packages along with simple DIY tools and easy management interface. The services and support are appreciable and much above the average. 2GB also offers expert migration services with no data-loss without any extra charge. It guarantees high-grade redundancy and claims to offer 99.99% uptime, versatile hard disk storage options and some essential tools to make your own website.


The company offers an array of hosting packages that suits across many budget and requirements. There are basic packages for individual starters, reasonably priced business-grade packages for bootstrapped startups and more comprehensive plans for SMEs. For MNCs and big corporate, there are sophisticated, feature-rich packages with a keen focus on dedicated resources, foolproof security, and some enterprise-grade tools.

One thing that remains same in every package is satisfactory resource management, consistent speed, and interruption free services. Their major plans include Shared Linux/Windows Hosting, Linux Unlimited Hosting Plan, SSD Hosting Packages, Linux reseller hosting, windows reseller hosting and domain.

The company focuses on empowering starters with user-friendly infrastructure and free tools. It continuously upgrades its packages to pace with the latest technology, maintains transparent pricing policy and offers an appreciable support system via well-staffed in-house department.

Besides, most of their plans offer a complete infrastructure kit for starters setting up a full-fledged website. Security is guaranteed by employing ultramodern technical tools and manual expertise through 3-tier multi-filtration process of monitor-identify-act. The technical tools and know-how are constantly renovated and improved to assure best standards of security.

Linux Unlimited Hosting Plan

2GB’s Linux unlimited hosting plan comes with 11 sub-domains and email accounts, unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic, and a host of other features. It is priced at Rs.199 per month that is quite cheap considering package inclusions. Here’s what you will like:

  • Feature-rich site builder to create entire site from a scratch
  • cPanel for efficient site management with easy steps
  • SEO Tools to improve search engine ranking
  • Business-grade Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam tools for extreme security
  • Smart resource allocation and quick response to traffic fluctuations

Shared unlimited window hosting

The shared unlimited window hosting plans offer unlimited disk space for better resource management. The plan is designed to handle unlimited traffic effortlessly. The plan is priced at Rs.199 per month that is quite affordable.

  • Unlimited Disk Space and Traffic for extreme storage and best traffic management
  • 11 Sub Domains and 110 email accounts for scalability
  • MSSQL Server 2008 Databases
  • SEO Tools aimed at search engine ranking
  • Plesk As Control Panel for robust control

SSD Hosting Packages

If you run a huge e-commerce site or an intensive media website that attracts sizeable traffic load, then standard HDD servers will slow down your site and give it a clumsy appeal. You need new age SSD hosting for jet speed and robust performance. 2GB’s SSD hosting won’t disappoint you with its 99% uptime and 110 GB monthly traffic. It is priced at Rs.499 per month and some of some features:

  • 300% Faster speed for hiccup-free user experience
  • Uncompromised security offered by latest technical tools
  • 2GB Webspace for extreme data storage facilities
  • Industry standard cPanel for easy administration control
  • Classical ASP, Perl, Python, CGI and 5 MySQL Databases
  • Choose between Windows Or Linux

Reseller Window Hosting

It’s 10GB unlimited reseller window hosting plans comes with 1000 GB Bandwidth, and you will get unlimited domains and unlimited subdomains/parked domains. It starts from Rs.1500 that entirely justifies the price considering the host of options it offers:

  • 10 GB Disk Space and 1000 GB Bandwidth for extensive storage and jet-speed response time
  • 5 Domains and Unlimited Sub Domains/Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts fortified with Anti Virus and Anti Spam
  • 5 MSSQL Server 2008 Databases
  • Latest Plesk As Reseller Hosting Panel and also for your clients


2GB hosting offers a domain name registration and transfer services at affordable prices. The prices are reasonable, and it is the quality of service and extended support that distinguishes them.

  • Expert assistance for maximum benefit of your domain name
  • Complete consultancy to avoid legal or copyright issues
  • Excellent identification, verification, and renewal policy

Salient Features of 2GB hosting

Flexibility to choose:

2GBs extensive plans are perfectly suitable to different needs and budgets. Thus everyone can buy the exact plan that meets their exact requirement and fits their budget. The wise allocation of resources ensures that clients should pay only for some resources they require.

Multiple Domain Hosting:

Its multiple domain hosting allows a customer to use the single hosting account for hosting a huge number of domains. Hence, you don’t need to pay repeatedly for each time you host a new website.

Most stable infrastructure:

2GB hosting handpicks the most flexible hardware configuration and relies on market leaders when it comes to brand. Unlimited bandwidth, seamless integration with most current technologies and a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% allows a glitch free browsing experience for the audience.

Excellent client support:

2GB hosting employs In-house customer support team to offer 24X7X365 support to the customers. The support team can be reached through multiple platforms: tickets, chat, and telephone. It is fairly knowledgeable, and most issues are resolved instantly. The specific problems are directed to dedicated departments for direct communication. Advanced technical specifications like secure screen sharing allow them to resolve the issues quite efficiently.

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