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Best Personal Finance Apps for Android 2017

Personal Finance Apps
Written by Saurabh

The advent of technology marks the new era. It has redefined technology and has seen various steps of revolution in it. There have been significant changes in our day to day life due to this advancement in technology. We have seen numerous examples of technology being changed drastically. The best example of this change is the revamping of the smartphones which has taken our generation by storm. These evolved smartphones are capable of providing us those facilities which we never dreamt of. They are powered with whopping configurations and are beating laptops in some comparisons. It has evolved our outlook towards life completely.

These smartphones run on an operating system which is of varied types. Each OS provides different features and different applications. Some of the active operating systems are Android, Windows, iOS, etc. in which Android is the most popular among the masses. It is used by most of the smartphones manufacturing company as it is the most preferred operating system. There are various reasons for its popularity. It provides thousands of free apps which involve gaming, lifestyle, personalization, etc. This has forced people to get attracted towards it. Now they can do anything with just a swipe or a press which has made things easy.

Talking of applications on Android there are various utility apps for the users. These apps are also related to their day to day life. It can be about gymming, finance or market tips, etc. Applications which are popular among the masses due to its utility are mostly the personal finance apps. These apps help the user in tracking its own expenses and investments. It helps them to check their financial health on the go. Some of the examples of such apps are expense manager, money, personal finance, money view money manager, etc.

Some of the best personal finance apps for Android 2017 are as follows:

*Andro money

This app is the best app in the category of personal finance apps as it has an easy user interface and is easy to understand so it can be used by a most number of people using Android.


This app is one of the best apps to keep your budget arranged and track it as and when you need it. This app provides tracking of all your expenses and incomes along with the help of graphs and bars.

*Expense Manager

This app provides you all the details of your finances by linking the details of your bank accounts into it as well. It shows how much you earned and how much you spend at just one tap of your finger.

*Finance Manager

The motto of this app is to manage your finances easily and quickly. It is a tough task to maintain your personal finances on paper as you can forget any entry or may not enter an expense. This app provides you the comfort of managing finances on the go.

*Economic Times News

NSE, BSE – This app is a full utility app as it tracks your personal investments in the share market along with a live feed of news related to stocks, shares, nifty and sensex. It enables you to get all the updates at just one tap.

*MSN money

It provides you a detail about the market data and your personal finance into it. It provides you real time detail of all the happenings in a share market.

*Dollarbird Personal Finance

This finance app keeps a track on your finances in a unique way. It keeps a track of your finances through a finance calendar. It keeps a track on your finances by creating events on a calendar.

So these were the apps under the category of personal finance Apps. Android has completely changed the way to maintain your finances. It has made it easy and quick to keep a check on our finances as and when we require it. It not only has influenced the section of personal finance but other fields as well.  It has taken technology to a whole new level which is full of utility and flexibility and for absolute finance management you can visit here. This shows us how technology has evolved itself to suit to the requirements of mankind.

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