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Top Instagram Growth Strategies By Instagram Moguls

Instagram Growth Strategies
Written by Rohan Chaubey

The growth Instagram has made over the years attracted brands and businesses to use the platform as a brand awareness tool. With 600 million monthly active users, personal brands and business brands have started leveraging this free platform to market their business.

In this post, I have compiled insights from the Instagram marketing moguls – Asia Zukowska & Karol Pokojowczyk. Asia and Karol are the co-founders of an Instagram growth tool which helps influencers, businesses, and professionals to grow organically on Instagram.

#1: Consistently post original content.

Originality and consistency is the only way to stand out as Instagram is saturated with repetitive content.

The best way to get your content seen on Instagram is to post during the best times and keeping your audience engaged with Instagram stories daily.

We live in a world with infinite content, but limited attention. Social media is a 24/7 live battle for attention.

The Instagram stories will vanish after 24 hours. Instagram might not show your posts at the top of your followers feed. But your Instagram stories will be displayed in a bar at the top of the feed. That’s why Instagram stories are the best way to catch your follower’s attention.

Here’s a guide that will help you learn how to use Instagram stories to grow a loyal following.

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#2: Run contests to drive new followers and sales.

One of the best ways to acquire new followers and increase brand awareness is to run contests on your Instagram account.

Contests encourage participation thus helps you boost your engagement. Be sure to keep the contest rules simple and easy to apply.

For example, Asia recently announced a contest on her profile. They are giving away Beats Headphones. The contest rules are simple:

Sign up for River free trial and repost the picture using #getrivercom hashtag.

#3: Let an expert or an agency work for you.

The best way to grow your Instagram account is to engage with other similar accounts in your niche.

Several Instagram influencers are guilty of spending hours just liking other people’s photos.

If you own a business or have a job, you cannot afford to spend several hours each day to engage with other accounts.

You may have great content, but if you have don’t have the right audience following you, your efforts are going in vain.

Did you know that you can use tools and hire agencies to manage your likes, comments and follows on your Instagram account?

Caption: Influencer’s favorite Instagram growth tool –

The river is one such growth tool. It was created for influencers who create great content but have troubles with engaging the right audience. Their experienced account managers ensure your account is active 24/7.

River likes follows, unfollows, and comments on behalf of you. With River, you can attract real people and get real love back to your Instagram profile. The more you engage with your audience by liking their photos and following them, the more they will engage with your profile in return. Which in turn, will lead to more followers and more targeted traffic, buying your products, visiting your website, etc.

I asked Saurabh (Founder of All Digital Trends) to test this tool and share the results. We were amazed that the tool helped Saurabh’s Instagram account grow by 1197% in just seven days. offers a 7-day free, unrestricted trial.

Great content combined with the River service, can help you dominate your niche on Instagram.

Here’s an Infographic revealing best-kept secrets on Instagram:

Over to you!

What other Instagram Growth Strategies you employ to use Instagram as a marketing channel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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