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7 Must-Do Things to Get Your Content Read {INFOGRAPHIC}

We All Know “Content is King” So Creating great content and design are No. 1 in making sure people will read your blog posts. But unless you already have a massive blog or RSS subscriber list, those two things alone will not get your content in front of the people who matter the most: those who will buy your product or service.

The following info-graphic gives you a numbered step-by-step list of important actions you can take to get your content in front of the eyeballs that matter. Make sure you check out the list below the info-graphic for resource links to help you with each step.


  •   Define your market target.
  •  Create an RSS feed on and optimize it 
  • Create Google authorship by linking your content to your Google+ profile 
  • Place a subscribe button for your blog at the top of your page 
  • Make sure social sharing buttons are visible on all posts.
  • Build your social media follow lists by following others 
  • Create relationships with followers by sharing and commenting on their posts 
  • Create content specific to your target demographic 
  • Optimize your content with keywords 
  • Create headlines that will grab attention. Portent’s Content Idea Generator is a great tool to create headlines 
  • Place keywords in the Alt tag of your images 
  • Create clean, easy-to-read graphics that illustrate your content
  • Upload slideshows and info-graphics to SlideShare or similar sites.
  • Schedule social media shares to post when your target audience is online 
  • Retweet your post several times the day it’s published, and throughout the week
  • Reshare your content using different angles, such as a key point made in the body of the post 
  • Guest blog on popular sites relevant to your target audience

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