Wednesday, 29 June 2016

SQLBAK - The Complete Automated SQL Backup Solution

I'd just love to share with you this tiny little program I just came across recently while backing up my SQL database.

Being honest, SQL Backup was such a stress for me! I mean logging into the PHPMyAdmin thing, and then creating the backup, downloading it, again restoring it! Just too exhausting.

And then I Googled "SQl Backup" and came across this little friend! I know it sounds like an exaggerated product review, but it isn't! Trust me it isn't, I'm just genuinely in love with the service SQLBak delivered.

After I used it, I googled a bit more and found out why it was so smooth and clean in its performance, but before that let me tell you why I'm so damn happy about it.

The reason is, it was a Friday night and I hate working on Friday nights! But then I saw it's letting me "schedule" the backup and so I did.

I went on to login to my Google drive cause it asked me to do so, although I admit I had no idea what I was doing!

And I went to sleep, the following morning, I found that my SQL database was completely backed up, and not just that, it was even uploaded to my Google Drive! Now I understood why I had to log in to my Google drive.

But that's the thing, it saved my Saturday fun, and did all of my jobs for me, without even letting me know about it! (Of course, there was even an E-mail with the backup details! ).

So yeah you tell me how could I not write this review down? I just had to, right?

  • What is SQLBak:-

SQLBak is a tiny program, that you have to install on your SQL server and then forget about it! Forget about it in the sense that you won't ever need to worry about backing up, downloading the backup or even restoring it!

It works automatically and does all those jobs for you on automation! And even notifies about it to you via Email!

Not just that, it also monitors your SQL server for uptime and other issues. If there's a problem, you get notified about it too! (Luckily, I never had a problem with my SQL servers!)

What Makes SQLBak Stand Out:-

Just like SqlBak, there are hundreds of other programs out there. So I thought it would be worth listing out what makes SQLBak Unique, right?

· Assured Notifications:- 99% of other SQL backup programs out there, can notify you only if they're running. In short, if your SQL server fails, you don't get any notification, well guess what, that's not the case with SqlBak. You get notified no matter what.

· Monitoring and Alerts:- SqlBAK not only backs up your SQL server and downloads-uploads the backups, it also constantly monitors your server health! In case it's down, you get notified (again!)

· One Control Panel- Multiple Servers:- This is another "unique" super power from SQLBak, most other programs out there require you to manually log in to all the SQL servers, separately to work with the backups or to check the health, well with SQLBak, you get one single dashboard and all your servers are listed right there. No more long passwords or repeated login attempts.

· No Login Required:- You aren't even asked to log in to the SQLBak server to manage or restore your backups! It's all automatic. While with other programs your login is important and the management needs to be initiated manually.

  • Final Verdict:-

So if you ask me, I'd say it's one hell of a program. Apart from letting you Schedule and automatically upload backups, it also manages, monitors and alerts you about server health issues.

It doesn't ask you to login to a hundred different servers in case you have them to manage them, it's dashboard is extremely advanced and lets you manage everything from a single dashboard.

It doesn't need any special operational skills, you just install one tiny program on the SQL server, and it's there, up and working!

So yeah my verdict? I'd say if SQL backups were giving you a headache, or you aren’t getting enough time, or if you have a long list of servers to manage, SQLBak can really be your guardian angel and take care of all of them , automatically,& simultaneously.

Do try it out, I bet you can fall in love with it.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Review: Movavi Photo De-Noise

Have you ever taken a photo that has turned out looking strangely grainy? That phenomenon is known as ‘noise’, and it is most often caused by low levels of lighting, but can also sometimes be caused by slow shutter speeds or highly sensitive sensor modes. Suffice to say, however; it does happen from time to time – but the good news is that it is not irreversible.

If you want to remove noise from your photos and fix its imperfections, Movavi Photo De-Noise should be perfect. It is an easy-to-use noise reduction software that will help you to make your pictures sharp and clear while removing any traces of noise from them.
  • De-Noise Photos Quickly and Effectively
Even if you aren’t very experienced when it comes to photo editing and have no idea how to remove the noise from your photos – it won’t be difficult at all with Movavi Photo De-Noise. The software will handle most of the heavy lifting and use algorithms to clean up any noise automatically.

Within Movavi Photo De-Noise are several ready-made filters that can help you to remove noise immediately from your photos. On top of that, however, you could opt to have more control over the process and decide precisely how much noise you want to remove so that your photo turns out exactly the way you want.

In fact, if some details are less vivid after the noise has been removed, Movavi Photo De-Noise can help you to smart-sharpen the images and restore them – without any of the noise returning either.
  • Do More Than De-Noise Photos
Although its main features may be focused on removing the noise from photos, Movavi Photo De-Noise can also help you in other areas as well. It will allow you to resize your photos while also adjusting its frame and orientation as and how you see fit.

Because it supports practically all image formats, you can save your de-noised photo in whatever format suits best. In fact, you could even use it to convert your photos directly into a different format – if that’s what you want.

Suffice to say; Movavi Photo De-Noise will be a great asset to have at your disposal. If you take lots of photos (as most people nowadays do), it is bound to come in handy more than once and will help you to fix any images that you may have assumed were ruined due to the amount of noise on them.

Thursday, 23 June 2016 - Get Free Govt. Job Alert in India

Nowadays Internet used to be a primary resource for gathering data and being updated of what's occurring over the entire world. In any case, its part widened into something greater when numerous organizations began utilizing it to post their employment opportunities and online Govt. Employment got to be famous.

In that case, if you are still hooked on the traditional job search, it’s time to upgrade yourself and begin utilizing the Internet as a part of hunting down your dream Job.

  • How to Get Latest Free Govt. Job Alert?

What's the utilization of applying for employment when you don't have your CV or resume prepared? That is critical and must be at the highest point of your schedule. Build a unique and complete resume that highlights your abilities, encounters, and instructive foundation.

  • Search for Credible Govt. job sites

That is one of the most critical parts because there are a large number of Job sites available in the web and tragically not every one of them are valid. So in what manner would you be able to figure out which one's genuine and which ones are just tricks? The best thing you ought to do is research. Discover which of these destinations have ongoing surveys and are appropriately confirmed.

So here, I am going to share my experience with“” which is one of the most popular for Govt Jobs. The site gives a choice to the contender to look for employment particular to express, their capability, and territory of interest. As one of the top employment entrances in India, sarkarijobmilegi gives a stage to the Job seekers to discover the occupation they had always wanted. The Job seeker can always stay updated with the latest Govt. Post Release of Govt. Sector.

It is one of the best job-related websites for who are getting ready for bank, police, ITI, Railway, UPSC, defense jobs, and other open division examinations. The study area of this site contains General information and Current issues that can help you in readiness on these subjects for your pending exams. In gathering area of this site, you can undoubtedly post your Job related inquiries, questions and get their answers.

The site posts every one of the open doors and placement test data which might be helpful to numerous. You can subscribe this website to get Latest Govt. Job Notification.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Can You FaceTime On Android? (Or Best Alternatives)

If you are wondering whether you can use FaceTime on your Android phone then you may be up for some disappointment. FaceTime is exclusive to the Apple device platforms and hence it cannot be used on Android or for that matter any other smartphone platform including Windows or Blackberry. But, thankfully, there are some really exciting alternatives for you if you are an Android user. VOIP and video calling have been around for a long time even before Apple’s FaceTime.

Apple develops great applications and doesn’t make them available on the other platforms. It is the desire to use the apps that encourage lots of customers to buy iPhone and other Apple devices. This strategy has worked out pretty well for them so far. There is also no denying that FaceTime is one of the finest video calling apps you could get. Apple wants to make everything easy for the users. You could simply launch the app and start making video calls. In short, FaceTime is simple and easy to use. But that doesn’t mean you could have as much fun with your Android phones. Take a look at these alternatives.
  • Skype 
For the longest time known, we have been using Skype for making video calls. In fact, if you ask people what comes to their mind first when they think of video calling, an overwhelming percentage of them would say ‘Skype.’ Skype is one of the longest running and reliable videos calling and chatting apps. Some would even go as far as saying FaceTime is the alternative to Skype and not the other way round. Over the years, Skype has evolved and made its interface very user-friendly. Barring a few rare glitches Skype is one of the best video calling apps, you can have on your phone. It is platform and thus even an iOS user can use this app. And, Skype might be the best choice if you’re looking for Facetime Android version.
  • Google Hangouts 
Google Hangouts was barely the people’s favourite a year ago. However, Google has definitely learnt its lesson and slowly but surely Hangouts is eating on the user share of other video calling apps. Hangouts are integrated to Android firmware. However, it is also available for free to the Apple device users. They just need to download it first. The video chat feature of this app is pretty decent. A good smartphone and fast internet connection will see you through for hours without interruption. There is no denying that the interface of FaceTime is much better than that of Hangout. But, since we are looking at the best possible alternatives of FaceTime on Android, Google Hangouts is easily one of the best.
  • Messenger 
Messenger is the baby of Social Media giant Facebook. This app again offers cross-platform compatibility and hence Android and Apple device users both can use it. Since it is an independent app, it is not integrated into any OS platform. You will need to download it separately. The video quality is pretty good. The voice is clear. Nearly everyone who uses Facebook app also has the Messenger. This is the reason why it is more convenient to use Messenger as compared to FaceTime.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

How to Build High-Quality Backlinks in 2016 (Infographic)

high quality backlinks, Link Building

Links are as old as the internet itself. For SEO purposes, they were one of the first factors that webmasters could use “off-the-page.” The more links that a website had pointing to it, the higher that website ranked. Today that is still true, but the quality of the links matters now more than ever.

Today I’ll help you spot the characteristics of a high quality backlink, followed by an infographic filled with the latest link building strategies in 2016.

  • How to Natural and Varied Backlinks For Your Website (Infographic)

The quality of a backlink is defined by several factors. On a basic level, links are treated as votes of confidence from one site to another. If a website links to another piece of content, then it must be relevant, factual, and of high quality. This will also attract more information to your in-text advertisements when visitors come to your site.

When looking at the links point to your website, you’ll find that the ones from large and respectable websites in your niche count for much more than links coming from blog comments or unrelated websites. This is also true of nofollow links, however even these have a place in your backlink profile.

As you build links, focus on earning them respectable websites in your niche, and make sure you never resort to practices like buying links or using automated software to do the legwork. The greatest links when making a blog are earned through great content and proper strategies.

Check out the infographic below for everything you need to start earning the backlinks you want and need for your website. Let us know how it goes in the comments!

Link Building Guide Credit: On Blast Blog

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Facts About Local SEO That Will Make You Think Twice.

Nowadays Local SEO is becoming more indispensable for both Online and bricks and mortar business that Target Local Customers. After the Google Penguin Update in 2014 Google showing local results in searches and if you have a local business than you can not afford to have a weak presence in all Search Engine Result.

  • Why Local SEO is Indeed of Local Business: 
One of the great advantages Of Local SEO is that You will face less competition in Search Engine. So Here is few Businesses in your industry competing in your city compared to the country world, and then you can understand how it easy to rank your Business for Local searches. In Local SEO, your audience Is highly targeted. Peoples who are looking for local services and if they come to you immediately, there is good chance they are the people you can turn them into your customers.

To get local customers, you can use other technique like the banner and local newspapers and magazine advertising that will help you a lot to get the attention of your local customers. But the SEO, You know that it works 24 *7 and you do not worry about that you stop offline medium and the Best Part of SEO that you can do it life-time or for a long time without any huge investment and can Track your Customers easily.

One of the main reasons to have a presence in local search is that local customers expect it. If you have a good presence in local searches means you build a local trust for customers, and they will be your customers one day.

  • Mobile Traffic gives high conversion now: 

Local searches is more important now because of Local searches. In a survey, we know that most of the people search local products from their mobile, and this will increase in future. I find that the query comes from the mobile conversion rates are so high.

  • How should I make Local Presence in 2016?

One of the first things to do to improve your Local SEO this year is to set up your Business on Google My Business. This is the central part point of your business presence on Google, and it is almost essential if you want to take your Local SEO seriously.

  • How to List in Google Business

As well as filling out your complete profile you can add images and even a virtual tour of your office. Having a presence here will help people to find whether they are searching for you in Google Search engine, On Google Maps, and Google Plus. Use Yell and Yelp to increase your visibility in Google search.

Also, make sure that all of your company details are included on your site as well as on the third party website where you are listed and make sure that they are all same so that you have the same address, telephone number, and email address. If the details do not match up to your profile, your Local SEO will be affected.

Also to the above, remember to keep focusing on the most important SEO practice of all, which is creating High-quality content that will attract shares. Make sure you write with a local focus and include your city in your title tag, headline, and all alt text to see the best result.

For More SEO technique you can use Neil Patel or Rand Friskin Blog.

  • Make Local SEO Strategy: 
If you want to take advantage of local customers finding you via search engines, You need to develop your Local strategy. The importance of Local SEO has never been greater, so make sure that you optimize your site by following these tips and help more local customers to find your site in Search engine.

Author Bio: Vipin Divakar is a freelancer Digital marketer and currently working for Digipanda advertising and also working as Social Media Evaluator and Web traffic Evaluator in appen as a consultant.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

4 Features of iMessage that Make it the Best

Imessage Features

iMessage, the ultimate messaging app from apple is one of the most reliable messaging apps available in today's tech world.

There are lots of unique fun features in iMessage which helps it not only to stand out against other messaging apps but they also make this Instant Messaging service better than any of its competitors.

And today we'll be looking at some of the features of iMessage that make it the best.

4 features of iMessage that make it the best:

  • Privacy Control

When it comes to keeping your privacy intact, many messengers fail to deliver what they promise. Some of them are so poor that you have to pray so the next update includes features like encryption or turning off read receipts.
But thanks to the iMessage team, the app comes with enough security features to start with. At a personal level, you have options like stop sending read receipts and controlling the message preview in the notification box and if you look at the bigger picture; your messages are delivered securely with apple's encryption technology.

  • Mobile Usages/use it anywhere

The popular messaging app comes with handy sync options. So if you have plenty of apple devices at your home and you think you'll have a hard time catching up all the messages, fear not.

You can sync your messages with any other apple device like iPhone, iPad or Mac. So if you use different devices at work and home or you are just too lazy to go to the other room and pick up your iPhone, your messages are always in reach.

  • Controls Overall messages

The iMessage app comes with a handful of features to control your messages before and after sending. One feature I personally like is the option to check the definition of any word before sending a message.

After you have sent the message, you can use easy gestures to keep your control. For example, you can see the time of every message by just swiping left. Or you can use the double tab feature to perform actions like forwarding the message or deleting it.

  • One in all

With the enhanced features apple has added in the updated version of iMessage, it literally becomes the only app you need to communicate. You can now instantly share photos or videos you have just taken in a click. Now, You can download iMessage on PC as well without any problem.

And don't forget you can use the iMessage app as your regular messaging app when you don't have a data connection. Means doesn't matter where you are or what you want to send. Everything can be done easily with this ultra fast messaging app.

  • Wrap up

So we are sure you are definitely going to use iMessage app after reading all these awesome features. So do tell us your experience with iMessage in the comments box.