Thursday, 21 July 2016

Review of TopNotepad - Cloud invoicing, accounting and CRM solution for freelancers and SMBs

Image Source- Topnotepad Facebook page
Are you a freelancer or an SMB owner? Then you know how tedious it is to keep a record of all your clients and customers.

And the ironical fact is that we can never overlook keeping the record as it serves as the official document to claim our remuneration.

If you are a freelancer or an SMB owner who finds it difficult to document professional activities, I have got something for you.

  • Introducing TopNotepad

TopNotepad is specially built for freelancers and small or medium-sized business owners. Their premade templates for different document types make our job easier in recording every action.

Are you interested in knowing them further? Here you go!

  • Features of TopNotepad

Mainly they offer five types of professional document creators (or services) about which you can read below.

#1. Invoice and Billing

As a freelancer, you know the importance of invoices, don’t you? Once you finish a project, you need to send an invoice to the client to get your payment.

Truth be told ‘invoice creation is an art.' If you do it indifferently, chances are your payment may get delayed as well.

But TopNotepad’s dedicated invoice creation tool takes away a tremendous work from you. You can create an invoice within a couple of minutes there.

After entering the work and client details, you will be able to generate payment receipts and get it sent to your customers without downloading it. Also, it is possible to set reminders to reach out to a client who hasn’t processed the payment yet.

The invoice dashboard provides a brief idea of all your invoices.

You can export your invoices to Excel formats for your future purposes. And, they are available to be downloaded in PDF too.

Here in TopNotepad, you will never find it difficult to change Invoice style as well.

#2. Expenses Management

Invoices serve as a reference for your yet-to-get payments. And, it conveys the pending amount to your clients as well. So, in a freelancer’s perspective, it is related to the income.

But one should keep track of his/her expenses as well. No matter how much you make, you will never find even a penny in your hand if you spend money without planning and recording.

Just like I said in the previous section, you will have an expense dashboard that displays the summary.

As we all know, not every expense are the same. You spend money on different things. That’s why TopNotepad has integrated different expense categories to help you record with maximum accuracy.

And, you can even link your invoices with the costs. The file upload feature allows you to upload your receipts into your expense sheet so that you won’t have to keep a lot of papers.

#3. Online Leads Management and CRM

Managing and nurturing leads are important for any business because a single lead can pave the way to a whopping sale sooner or later.

You can upload leads into the interface on a bulk basis. And, set reminders to do specific tasks about it.

The notes feature inside the interface helps you save notes for future reference.

In case you share your TopNotepad account with anyone, it allows you to allocate the leads.

#4. Online Accounting

No, you don’t need a professional accountant to keep a record of all your financial transactions.

Just manage invoices and expenses on TopNotepad. Then, the app itself takes care of everything to log your income and expenses.

Based on them, it gives you an insight on your profit and loss as well. To create a balance sheet, you only have to fill a few basic details.

And, you can manage cash book on this tool too.

#5. Estimates and Quotations

Not all the clients are the same. Some people want a custom quote before starting the work. That’s why you should understand how to create different types of documents.

Estimates and quotations on TopNotepad provide you with all the options plus a unique function to convert a quote into an invoice.

#6. Easy to Use
Unlike most of the expense tracking and invoice creation tools out there, TopNotepad has an unbelievably simple interface that you won’t find it difficult to find any option or use it.

The ease of use is at its best here.

  • Pricing

TopNotepad has three different packages; free, pond and lake. The first one has some limitations whereas the last two plans are premium with about zero constraints.

It’s a tool to create a free invoice.

  • Final Verdict

Are you a freelancer?

Well, then you might have already realized the value of such a tool. Once you subscribe to a premium package, no one can limit you from creating flamboyant invoices.

In my opinion, it is an all-in-one tool for both freelancers and SMB owners.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Infographic - How to Start a Blog That Makes $100k+

Infographic - How to Start a Blog That Makes $100k+
Monetizing your blog is not as easy as some internet gurus make it seem.

This infographic looks at 4 bloggers who are making a combined $124k per month, along with their exact monetization strategies as a step by step guide that makes it easy for you to replicate their success.

You Can Start a Blog That Makes $124,407: Just Replicate These 12 Monetization Strategies

Infographic by Wise Startup Blog

Ethnico App Review

Image Source:- Ethnico FB Page

Being an Indian, I can always rely on an ethnic outfit or makeup when I run out of the option. They seem to fit somehow in, no matter what the situation is. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of ethnic guide for us. Recently, a friend suggested me ‘Ethnico App’ looking at my state. Without much delay, let’s hop into app details and why it SHOULD be on your Android phone.

  • Ethnico App Review

The first thing Ethnico asks you after you have installed the app is to select the language. The only 2 options in case of language are – English and Hindi. I must say, it’s a very useful step by the developers. The app would now be accepted in many corners of the country.

The app is divided into 4 main sections – Categories, Popular, Trends, and Services.

  • Categories

Once you have selected your preferred language, you hop into this category. You can directly search for Ethnic Designs, or you can search via categories. The categories are –Wedding Mehndi, Beauty & Grooming, Wedding Photography, Bridal, Blouse Design, Suits, Sarees, Lehengas, Kurtis and Tops, Footwear, Jewellery, Rangoli, Wallpaper, Home & Living, Food, Horoscope, Health & Wellness, Spirituality, and Festivals. You are supposed to select at least one category before you proceed. You can always go back and add or remove categories as per convenience.

Any computer does not maintain these categories. Other users regularly update these categories. For example, I opened mehndi. You can also see Arabic mehndi designs. You can save the design offline (in the app), share it (via any app on your phone) and also check how many people likes the design. You can also follow the individual who has uploaded the design (Every user have their personal user profile).

  • Popular

As the name suggests, this section contains the most liked uploads. However, this section is a mixture of all the 20 categories mentioned above. So you might have to put in little more effort to look for your area of interest.

  • Trends

This section has the collection of the trending option from the categories. You can visit this section if your lifestyle is about keeping up with the trend in fashion and other categories.

  • Services

You can obtain service for the following categories – Mehndi, Beautician, Fashion Designers, Boutiques, Decorators, Jewellery Design, Wedding Choreographer, Invitation Designers, Wedding Planners, Caterers, Gifts, Venues, and DJs. You can select your service over a handful of India cities with an optional parameter of adding your budget range.

You can also become a service provider by registering with Ethnico.

  • About the App

The app did not crash for all the time that I have used it till now. The UI is very straightforward and user-friendly. If you still have any issues with the app, you can head over to Ethnico's website.

Ethnico's Mehndi Design App also gives you the option to same benefit while using the app. You can invite your friends to install and use the app. Once done, you can get exciting Craftsvilla vouchers.

Be Ethnic. Go Ethnico!

Monday, 11 July 2016

6 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

You know it’s not going to be okay!

You have piled up works, and it’s only you who needs to complete the same on time. How do you feel in such a situation?

If you are anxious about the work completion, you should hire a VA. Yeah, you heard it right. A virtual assistant is all that you need.
Why You Need a VA?

I hope you know who a VA is, don’t you?

Wikipedia defines a VA as,

A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

Now, it’s time to know why you should hire a VA.

  • Your Workload is High

As I said earlier, you can’t do everything on your own if you have a lot of things to do.

In such a situation, you need someone to help you finish those. There you go! You can hire a VA.

Maybe, you want a virtual assistant web developer. Then, you need to be selective of the people as the knowledge in web development is mandatory.

  • You can’t Afford a Full-Time Employee

A VA works for you remotely. And, that may give birth to a new thought on your mind ‘why should I hire a full-time employee?’

Trust me! A virtual assistant is way too cheaper than a full-time employee. You don’t have to pay a fixed salary to a VA whereas the case is different when it comes to the regular worker.

You can calculate the amount of work he/ she does (regarding work hours or any other criteria) and, pay only for the work.

  • VAs are Experts
Say you need virtual assistant internet marketing, what skills would you opt for?

If it were me, I would go with writing skill, networking, link building and SEO. And, things vary according to your needs.

VAs in a certain domain is completely aware of what they are going to do.

  • You have Got Important Tasks

Sometimes you need to focus on the important jobs that you hardly get any time to do the simple tasks. But you know it needs to be done too.

This is another situation that proclaims the needs for a VA.

Suppose you are a graphic designer and you got one heck of projects. Then, you can assign the delivery process or file format conversion to a virtual assistant graphic design so that, you can keep on doing the core process only.

  • A VA can Work as per Your Schedule

While you hire a VA, you can schedule a specific time to get everything done. Not being a full-time employee he/ she will agree to it (maybe with a slight adjustment, though).

So, a virtual assistant will be your go-to person who does things for you during the time you schedule.

  • You Hate a Specific Process

Sometimes, our work consists of different small operations. Obviously, you may hate one or two of them.

In web designing, you may hate the uploading part. If you have a virtual assistant web design, you can assign the work to him and indulge in the main work.

  • Wrapping Up

I hope you found this post useful to figure out whether you need a virtual assistant or not.

It surely is impossible to handle all your work by yourself with time as your business grows up. So, make sure to be selective to filter out unproductive people. is the best website to get Hire a Virtual Assistant within no time.

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Monday, 4 July 2016

Shopping for Mobiles and Gadgets made easy by AspectWise

Thinking about to buy a new electronic gadget but getting confused in choosing the best of your need. No need to worry because I have a solution. Last time, I had faced many problems to find a suitable smartphone for me then I found (Aspectwise) Review on Indiblogger blog community. That's why I am reviewing this website. With the help of this website you can easily adjust the price range according to your investment select the product and get resolution for all of your concerns instantly. Stop wasting money and time on the products which don't suit you or which are not made for you. We all do research before choosing any of the gadgets of our need, and the price should also be in our budget as well. So keeping all these things in mind one IIT alumni has started up

So just go through the following steps and get the product and price comparison and save your time and money too. It will filter out the best, top rated and in your budget product of your need. So let’s start:

Step 1. Type URL Or Click Here

Step 2. Select the product from the tab i.e. Mobile, Headphone, Speaker, Laptop and Tablet

Step 3. Choose your requirements and the range in between you want the product and,

In the below snapshot select range is 5000 to up to 15000 for mobile phone and the user need is selected as camera lover and video buff. Now you’ll click on Find the best mobiles for me to get the results.

Step 4. It will filter and redirect you to the results with the list of the best camera and video buff phone under Rs. 15000 with the top ratings, user reviews and online shop links(Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc.) from where you can buy you mobile with it.

Step 5. Eventually, you will find the best mobile as per you needs and preference i.e. Honor 5X

Now this is one more best thing I found in that you can filter the items also with the specification of the product. Like you want to find the Best Android Phones under 20K

You will follow all above mentions steps and in the final result page, you’ll also get an option of Filter. Refer the screen shot and click on this.

And here you can filter the product with its specification then click on apply.

  • Conclusion- 
AspectWise is doing n great service and making our work simple while shopping? Utilizing the proposal you can without much of a stretch characterize your need and according to need can get the item.

So before purchasing any of these gadgets(like Smartphone, laptop) on the web, you should visit AspectWise once to get the best proposal for you.

Do share your feedback with us if you have used AspectWise while finding your smartphone online.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Apple: a year for changes, innovations and the new iPhone 7

Are you one of the millions who are waiting for the launch of iPhone 7 with bated breath? Then this article is meant for you. With the thousands of rumors and unsolicited “facts” doing their rounds in the unscrupulous tech websites, we thought it would be a refreshing change if you could access all the recent info about the upcoming iPhone 7 right at one place. 

  • Let’s start off with how it looks

The rumors have stated before that iPhone will include a flush screen. Which is entirely correct, and the recent rumors also indicate that the upcoming model will also come with a touch-sensitive home button. In that case, this will be the first generation of iPhones with a seamless display, with curved edges as well as rounded corners. The phone will also be reportedly thinner and lighter than the previous models.

  • Changes in the camera front

While we are sure that expecting an up gradation of resolution is more than a child’s fancy from Apple, we also hear a buzz about LG’s association with the project. The most recent images leaked show a larger camera opening with an elongated shape. This is perfect for a dual lens system which is already being seen in the LG G5 models. This will be one of the few times Apple has approached another famous tech company publicly for a share of its technology. Expect other inherent qualities like image stabilization and auto-focus to pertain as per Apple norms.

  • What will be the flagship model?

If you think iOS 9 was great, wait till you hear about iOS 10. iOS 10 will be more interactive and dynamic. From sending messages in your handwriting to accessing voice activated navigation systems, this platform can do everything and more. Couple this OS with chipset A10 and you have the most powerful engine in the world. The A10 supersedes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 any given and functions at a speed of 3 GHz or more. Making Siri public was one of the other major changes Apple has made in recent times which will massively improve the function of the software and its user friendliness.

  • What’s becoming off the jack controversy?

iPhone might just go ahead and include the 3.5 mm jack after the massive negative uproar it created by creating a buzz about a lightning connector for the upcoming iPhone 7. As a matter of fact, multiple images released show the inclusion of a 3.5 mm jack on the case. This means a buyer will not have to spend hundreds of dollars for buying connector adapters, specialized headphones, and chargers. The model will also reportedly include a wireless charger as per the trend is seen in Samsung and other tech companies. This may just become the launching platform for smart connectors, which will connect the iPhone 7 to other devices like headsets, keyboards, and printers.

  • More News for potential buyers

The coming September (2016) will see the launch of iPhone 7 as the pre-booking opens in the second week of August. You may be about $900 USD lighter post-purchase of the oncoming model depending on the memory and connectivity (Single SIM or Dual SIM) variant you are opting for. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

SQLBAK - The Complete Automated SQL Backup Solution

I'd just love to share with you this tiny little program I just came across recently while backing up my SQL database.

Being honest, SQL Backup was such a stress for me! I mean logging into the PHPMyAdmin thing, and then creating the backup, downloading it, again restoring it! Just too exhausting.

And then I Googled "SQl Backup" and came across this little friend! I know it sounds like an exaggerated product review, but it isn't! Trust me it isn't, I'm just genuinely in love with the service SQLBak delivered.

After I used it, I googled a bit more and found out why it was so smooth and clean in its performance, but before that let me tell you why I'm so damn happy about it.

The reason is, it was a Friday night and I hate working on Friday nights! But then I saw it's letting me "schedule" the backup and so I did.

I went on to login to my Google drive cause it asked me to do so, although I admit I had no idea what I was doing!

And I went to sleep, the following morning, I found that my SQL database was completely backed up, and not just that, it was even uploaded to my Google Drive! Now I understood why I had to log in to my Google drive.

But that's the thing, it saved my Saturday fun, and did all of my jobs for me, without even letting me know about it! (Of course, there was even an E-mail with the backup details! ).

So yeah you tell me how could I not write this review down? I just had to, right?

  • What is SQLBak:-

SQLBak is a tiny program, that you have to install on your SQL server and then forget about it! Forget about it in the sense that you won't ever need to worry about backing up, downloading the backup or even restoring it!

It works automatically and does all those jobs for you on automation! And even notifies about it to you via Email!

Not just that, it also monitors your SQL server for uptime and other issues. If there's a problem, you get notified about it too! (Luckily, I never had a problem with my SQL servers!)

What Makes SQLBak Stand Out:-

Just like SqlBak, there are hundreds of other programs out there. So I thought it would be worth listing out what makes SQLBak Unique, right?

· Assured Notifications:- 99% of other SQL backup programs out there, can notify you only if they're running. In short, if your SQL server fails, you don't get any notification, well guess what, that's not the case with SqlBak. You get notified no matter what.

· Monitoring and Alerts:- SqlBAK not only backs up your SQL server and downloads-uploads the backups, it also constantly monitors your server health! In case it's down, you get notified (again!)

· One Control Panel- Multiple Servers:- This is another "unique" super power from SQLBak, most other programs out there require you to manually log in to all the SQL servers, separately to work with the backups or to check the health, well with SQLBak, you get one single dashboard and all your servers are listed right there. No more long passwords or repeated login attempts.

· No Login Required:- You aren't even asked to log in to the SQLBak server to manage or restore your backups! It's all automatic. While with other programs your login is important and the management needs to be initiated manually.

  • Final Verdict:-

So if you ask me, I'd say it's one hell of a program. Apart from letting you Schedule and automatically upload backups, it also manages, monitors and alerts you about server health issues.

It doesn't ask you to login to a hundred different servers in case you have them to manage them, it's dashboard is extremely advanced and lets you manage everything from a single dashboard.

It doesn't need any special operational skills, you just install one tiny program on the SQL server, and it's there, up and working!

So yeah my verdict? I'd say if SQL backups were giving you a headache, or you aren’t getting enough time, or if you have a long list of servers to manage, SQLBak can really be your guardian angel and take care of all of them , automatically,& simultaneously.

Do try it out, I bet you can fall in love with it.