Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Online Shopping Money Saving Tips

Online shopping is in demand these days and millions of transactions are getting done every month. People prefer online shopping due to the fact that-

· It is comparatively cheap

· Don’t need to visit the store

· Time saving

· Multiple offers

· Multiple options and many more

But did you know with some little tricks, you can save some good bucks on every online shopping you do?

Well, if you’re knowing it’s well and good else go through this article and I will share some good ways to save money on online shopping.

So let’s start with 5 different ways using which you can save money online.

  • Use Coupon Websites
Coupon websites offers multiple coupons for discounts and deals for online shopping. All you have to do is, just search for the coupons you are willing to do shopping and apply that coupon at the time of checkout.

For example, you want to buy some Pizzas at Domino's and so search for Dominos Offers. You’ll be shown hundreds of available coupons and deals. Select the one which you like and enjoy shopping with saving. You can check Zoutons to find some great deals.

  • Don’t go for Buy 2 Get 2 offers

Usually you just need only a single piece of items but as you see some offers like buy 2 get 2 free and so you buy 2. But these are not helping you much.

First of all your budget will be disturb and then it is not like they actually provide 2 free on the shopping of 2. They usually increase the price and then provide the offer. SO try to get rid of such offers.

  • Compare the Items

There are multiple online shopping sites available like Amazon, Flip-kart, etc. There is no need to just visit a site and buy the stuff you want.

Instead visit sites or just visit the compare sites and then see the difference in pricing, delivery etc and then proceed to pay.

  •  Use Cards

Usually banks provide some cash back or discount if you will use their cards on online shopping. You should make use of those offers brilliantly.

First thing you won’t have to worry about the cash and secondly you are saving some bucks as well.

  • Wait for Carnivals

Almost all the major shopping sites offer some big days when they provide the maximum discounts. You should wait for such offers. You can save enough on such days.

All you have to do is just plan the things for such offers.


These were some of the best ways to save money on online transactions. One should follow these methods to save few bucks on the shopping.

Top 7 blogging tips for beginners in 2017

So have you started your blog? Great if yes you did but if not then start it today and share your knowledge with the world. Today in this article I will discuss the top 7 Blogging tips for beginners in 2017.

I saw many emails and comments daily from newbies who ask for tips and tricks to make a successful blog. So today will disclose all the secrets to making a blog successful and start earning from that blog. There are many factors on which success of your blog depends, but I have picked top 7 Blogging Tips for Beginners in 2017.

List of top 7 Blogging Tips for Beginners in 2017

  • Don’t try to Copy Content from Others

I have seen many blogger who try to copy other professional bloggers in sake of getting success and earn money but this is the worst thing that any blogger can do. If you have some unique idea or if you are keen to learn something new and want to share it with the world and you want to help other than blogging is made for you. Always create fresh and unique content that can make your own identity in the large crowd of bloggers.It will also save you from getting spammed in various search engines and helps you in improving your ranking and traffic as well.

  • Give Your blog a Unique Design

As I said do not copies the content from other blogs in the same way never copy the design of other websites and blogs. If you want to stand out of the crowd then you have to invest in the designing and development of your blog. Hire a good and experienced developer who can provide you excellent output. There are many ways to hire an expert either you can hire a freelancer or you can hire a company as they have lots of experience in the field.

  • Understand your Audience

First of all, you have to understand who your audience is then try your best to reach them with various methods like social media and forums. Once you knew the factor what your audience is expecting from you and what they want in your posts, then you can serve them the same. It will improve your engagement percentage as well as it will help you in setting up a visitor base who will visit your blog on regular basis. 

  • Focus on keyword targeting 

If you want to make a successful blog then do focus on keyword targeting as this will help you in targeting specific audience. According to experts also if you want to grow your organic visitors of your blog then you have to focus on keyword targeting. Keyword targeting here doesn’t mean keyword spamming just try to focus on 1 or 2 keywords as this will help in ranking your blog on those keywords only. If you will try to target more keywords then it will be difficult for you to manage.

  • Research before you start a blog

This thing not only applies to the blogging but in every phase of life when you start anything planning is the first thing that you must do. When you start anything, you must focus on planning as this will help you getting success and also assist you in finding problems that you will face in your blogging career. I have seen many bloggers who just started blogging for the sake of money but don’t do any planning, and they end up with quitting in half way.

  • Be Active in Comments

So your blogs are running well with good response from the readers and visitors. But this is not the end whenever a reader comments on your blog then you must reply to their comments as this will help you in building a good relationship with your readers. It will not only make a good relationship with your visitors but it will also help you in finding new ideas for writing next blog posts as per needs of your readers.


Never forget to do the On-Page optimization or SEO for your blog. This will really help you on, and you will get more traffic. If you don’t know anything about SEO and Link building, then you should hire professionals. ClickLab provides the Best SEO Services in Chandigarh, India and you must get in touch with them for SEO and digital marketing work.

I am sure if you follow these tips, then you can start a blog from scrap and rank it easily with specific keywords on which you want to rank your blog. Do share your ideas for ranking a new blog in the comment box. Share this article on social media and with your friends. 


Thursday, 5 January 2017

SSC CGL 2017 Examination- Countdown starts!

SSC (Staff Selection Commission), CGL (Combined Graduate Level) is one of the vast examination in India for youth. It is a gateway to recruiting staff for various posts in the various Ministries, Departments, and Subordinate Offices.

SSC CGL 2017 notifications are yet to release, but the temperature in the apprentice is at peak. SSC conducts (CGL) examination for the enlistment of Grade "B" and "C" classes Job posts in various Government Sector like Ministries, Departments, and Offices. Every year, lots of candidates apply for the CGL exam.

Here in this Post, I am going to share all the details about SSC CGL for 2017 and will also share the probable dates and other details. This post will give you an insight to the CGL examination.

  • Important Dates

Here are the probable dates for CGL 2017. Although the notifications have not yet been released as per the previous records, these are the expected dates.

You are also advised to check the official website for any change and further details.

Release of Application Form
11 March 2017
Last Date of Registration
15 April 2017
Release of E-Admit Card for SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam
2nd week of June 2017
SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam
19 June 2017 to 2 July 2017
SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam Result
1st week of August 2017
Release of E-Admit Card for SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam
End of August 2017
SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam
5-8 Sept. 2017
SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam Result
End of Sept. 2017
SSC CGL Tier-3 Exam
12 Nov. 2017
Computer Skill Test / Skill Test
Dec. 2017

  • Eligibility Criteria

Here are the basic criteria about the CGL. The requirements are quite clear, and almost all graduate can apply.

Educational Qualification – Bachelor's Degree from a perceived University or equal. 

Age Limit – Age of the candidate ought to be 20 to 30 years. Age unwinding is provided for saved class according to the Government run the show. 

  • CGL Fee 

Charges differ contingent upon the classification and beneath are the points of interest- 

The method of Fee Payment – Applicants need to pay an application expense of Rs. 100. Competitors can submit charge through SBI challan/net managing an account and charge/Visa. Female, SC/ST, Physically Handicapped, and Ex-Servicemen applicants no compelling reason to pay any application expense.

  • Selection Procedure

Here are the steps of the examination conducted by the SSC CGL-

· Written Examination (Objective Type) (200 Marks)

· Written Examination (Objective Type) (each paper carry 200 marks)

· Written Examination (Descriptive Type) (100 Marks)

· Computer Test / Skill Test (wherever applicable)

  • Conclusion

SSC CGL is one of the best exams to enter the ministry and other administrative exams. If you are trying, you must take this very seriously and prepare well.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How to Get More Eyeballs on Your Blog

As the time is changing around the globe people, prefer blogs over the static website. The new trend of blogging is popular because it attracts more viewers and new things keep updating on the blog. Meanwhile, the blogging helps you get more visits because of the updating and new feeds options. There can be a variety of things can be uploaded related to your blog or the viewer’s choice. But many bloggers face problems of now receiving many views even after putting the right and researched stuff on the blog and how to increase the views. That is why the question arise how to get more eyeballs on your blog?

In this article, we will give you few tips to increase the visits, shares and views on your blog and how you can analyze and increase it. There can be following few strategies that can be applied by the blogger to increase the views on the blog.

Small details and targeting the right audience will help you get the more views and readers on the blog, for that purpose apply following strategies:

  • Content, Pure, and Exciting Content Gets the Attention:

The blog is all about the content and people follows most of the blogs because they like the content of the blog and they love to read or follow it. There can be two major things which needed to be analyzed:

• Content must be pure and original which will lead the blogger to get more views as well as there must be a source of fun and entertainment in it too. Many bloggers have applied the strategy and have succeeded.

• Study the demand and liking of the readers. What they like what they share the most. This will help the blogger to produce the content and topics which are most likely to be shared and spread. This wills not only assist the blog get popular among the readers but also it will act as self-advertisement by getting shared by users.

  • Get Into Communities To Target Your Blog Audience:

Getting associated with any group, forum, community, blog or page will not cost you a dime, but in return you can get your target audience which is already gathered and shared the same interest, all you have to do is introduce and promote your page. There are lots of groups and forums which are made for people sharing similar interest and once you become a part of it, you can not only promote your own blog but also get to learn many marketing strategies as well.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Best Way to Get On The Top:

The SEOs and its functions will help your blog get on the top. The search engines especially the Google loves the blogs and put it on the top searches of the result that is why once the blog is properly SEO it will get on the top results as well. Study the blogs similar to your which are on the top and see the targeted keywords and the topics they provide content. This will give your blog a guideline how to get more views, what people are sharing more and also how to improve your blog.

Also, there are many plugins available which will improve the SEO of your blogs, and you can also study the blog activities with the help of Google Analytic as well.

  • Get Connected With Social Media Sites:

Social Media is turning into a fundamental part of the showcasing blend for some organizations and one of the most ideal approaches to achieve clients and customers.
Social networking Sites, for example, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ have various advantages for organizations and are quick overwhelming customary media configurations, for example, print and TV promotions, handouts, flyer's and email crusades.

  • Google Analytic:

The Google Analytic is designed to analyze activates on the blogs. This particular plugin helps the blogger in-detail study of the blog and blogging site. The results of the Google Analytic provide accurate analysis, and this also helps the blogger improve the blog and get more traffic on the blog.

  • Keyword research:

Targeting the right keyword is not only important but also it has many advantages. The keywords help you get the proper knowledge of what the audience search on the search engine, and once the blogger does the good research on the keywords, one keyword can enhance and improve the position of your blog ranking on the search engine. That is why always get your keywords research and works on it correctly.

  • A variety of writers and content:

The same and repetitive content, as well as the frame of mind, will bore the audience that is why many bloggers welcome guest blogger which helps you get the quality of the content as well as a variety of the ideas as well. That is why once there is variety, and some popular bloggers and writers write for your blog it is estimated that the blog will get more sharing, attention, and viewer in result you will receive the likes and follows from the audience. Even one of the blog gets popular the entire blogging site will get affected by it, and people will follow your blog for more interesting stuff.

  • Gather best for your niche:

The blogger around the world tries best to collect the best content, information, and quality for their niche. The more related content you will provide according to your niche the more readers and viewers you will receive in return. Gather more relevant and authentic information around the world, combining it all with your idea and enhance it with your words. Ranks your topics, Provide easy reading formats, don’t overload your blog, don’t make too many links, keep it simple, keep it fresh and get attention with core niche of the audience. The more relevant the topics are, the more readers will view it.
Credit: This post was written by Shakir Hassan of Top10BestPro.

Things to Do When You are Bored Online

What all you were doing so far? Getting Bored? If yes then you are at the right place to get over the boredom. Don’t know what to do to enjoy the moment? There are a number of ways to get over the ennui and start enjoying in few moments. The internet is the place where you can enjoy every minute if you don’t have anything to do. You can entertain yourself in different ways. This post covers a brief about things to do when you are bored. Go through it and find out ways to get treated.

Things to Do Online When you are Bored

As discussed earlier, the internet is the place where you can enjoy every moment. It will also help you out to get over the dullness of your life. You can listen to songs, watch free movies without downloading, learn something new, and do a number of things. Here is the list of things to do when you are bored.

  • Listen to Songs
The songs can never be boring. There is a man inside you who is always eager to hear the songs. Some love to hear the old songs while some love the new, some love go with romantic hits while some choose to listen the hardcore songs. Every one of us has our own choice. If you are seeking out the ways to entertain yourself online then searching for some of the best music streaming sites is an excellent option.

Soundcloud is one of the most popular websites to reach to in order to listen to your favorite songs and download free music online. Though there are many more websites that can be checked, but here you can find just any melody every created. There are few sites where you can check out the lyrics and sing with the music. It is entirely your choice what you want to do. But surely, listening to the music is one of the best things to do when you are bored to feel energetic in few moments.

  • Watch Movies Online

Watching movies is one of the awesome things to do when you are bored. You can look at the movies from different movie streaming websites and apps for free. Some sites serve you the best sources to watch your favorite movie without downloading them. Though it is up to you which source you choose to watch the movies.

The movies can be streamed as well as downloaded too. Not only movies, but the TV shows can also be streamed online to entertain yourself when you are getting bored. Find out the most reliable website to watch your favorite movies or TV shows online and enjoy every moment watching it.

  • Study Online Courses

Some websites provide you free or paid courses to aid you with knowledge. You can find such sites and learn something new. The courses may range from few hours to few days to few months. It is up to you what type of course you choose and what is its time duration. If you find that doing a particular course online is worth then you must not waste your time and go for it.

You will not get bored while learning the new things and new concepts. You can easily set yourself high and make the most out of the course you have opted for. If it is paid, then ensure that you make every penny count.

  • Play Games Online

Playing games online are one of the best things to do when you are bored apart from watching the movies or learning a new course. Games are the best way through which a person can relax and at the same time enjoy those moments. Some different games are available across the web. You can search for various genres and find the game of your style.

Again, the games you play may be free or paid. You are the one who have to decide whether to go with paid one or free one. Playing free games is a better option unless you are best in playing paid games. There are various websites where you can play multiplayer games or even the solo games. Moreover, you can download best game apps on your smartphone and play the games on your smartphone as well.

  • Learn Free Art and Craft

Many of you might have interest in learning art and craft. YouTube can turn out to be the best free source where you can learn art & art in your own time or while getting bored. It is better to learn something rather than sitting idle and getting tired. A number of videos are hosted over the YouTube channels that can make you learn interesting DIY art and craft which may come to be handy in different situations.

Learning art and craft is one of the best things to do when you are bored or have nothing to do. In this way, you can spend your pastime and learn something new that can turn out to be useful in near future. So go for it.

  • Browse through Social Media

You might be active on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, G+ and few others. You can entertain yourself over these websites. Chat with your friends, post a status, and seek into someone’s profile. There are hundreds of things you can do using your social media account. You can even make new friends, install a new app, and check out what others are doing to their social media account.

The Last Words

This was the list of things to do when you are bored and have nothing else to do. While playing games, listening to the songs, and watching movies can be a great option, learning a new course or art & craft can develop new skills in you. Go ahead and find out the most creative way to remove the boredom and bring joy to your life.

Monday, 26 December 2016

How to Create Stunning Photographs with Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor makes photo editing easy for beginners with no technical knowledge in operating advanced photo editing software. You can use Movavi Photo Editor to fix almost all kinds of issues with just a single click of the button. Even though it looks like it is every easy to edit a photo in Movavi Photo Editor, the result that it produces is professional and comparable with other professional photo editing tools.

The first panel in Movavi Photo Editor is the Adjust panel which offers some color balance tools that can be adjusted by moving the sliders. Under the Adjust panel, you can apply auto fixes onto the photo by adjusting the sliders. You can drag the slider slowly to the left or right until it reaches a satisfying degree. You can revert back the photo to the original state by clicking the backward arrow at the bottom.

The exposure slider allows you to adjust the exposure in the image. Dragging the exposure to the left will make the picture darker and darker while pulling the exposure to the right will make the photo whiter and whiter. The saturation slider can create a black and white effect when it is pulled to the left most. If the picture looks bluish or yellowish, you can adjust the temperature or tint slider until there is not a trace of the color tint. Get more details at https://www.movavi.com/photosuite/

The effects tab allows you to apply various types of impressive effects onto your photo including results drawn on pencil and etc. You can preview the effect that you have selected instantly on the photo. If you feel that the effect adds an interesting look to the picture, you can click it, and it will be applied to the photo. Only one effect can be added to the image at one time. When you click on another result, the first effect you select will be removed so that the new effect can be added to the photo.

If you feel that your photo has a green background, you can remove it with the use of the background removal tool. You must mark all the objects in the picture with the correct brush tool. For the objects you want to keep, you must paint it with the green brush tool. If you want to discard the objects, you must use a red brush tool to paint it.

If you accidentally mark the wrong area, you can click the eraser button which is the third button to pass away all the marks. It will draw a yellow outline of the object that is marked with the brush tool that has the green plus sign. Finally, you must press

Set New Background to completely blow over the background.

If you want to use the image as clipart, you can just go ahead to click the export button and export it as a PNG or GIF file. You can also click the Image File button to add a hilarious background image from your own photo collection or find a new background image from the online stock photo site.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Comic for Web Developers

Comics, cartoons, videos and GIF images are a great source of marketing, entertainment and increasing user engagement. You will frequently find these rolling around websites and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. I decided to spend some time and find some new comics for web developers (as I’m a web developer myself). 

Recently I noticed a totally new comic called Browserling’s webcomic. It’s a comic for web developers. When I first noticed it was being shared a lot, sometimes getting 5k shares and 9k likes in just a couple of days.

                                                                    Front end vs Backend

There are many reasons behind why this comic got shared so much and why it got so many likes:

- It’s simple, short and sweet. There are just three words on the picture and users don’t have to spend lots of time to get the nerdy message.

- It’s clever. There’s a hidden message in this comic that only web programmer will understand.

- It doesn’t need any SEO. Just do your work and let 3 billion social media users do the rest.

Recently I was also looking for appealing cartoons to embed in my blog posts, and I concluded that Browser ling’s comics are the funniest. They’re all very short, amusing and sweet. But what is Browserling and why do they make such comics? I decided to investigate.

Browser ling is a cross-browser testing platform serving the web developer and designers communities. Many big companies like Pub Nub, Blekko, Coderwall, and governments are using this service to assure their applications are cross-browser compatible, responsive and can work in any browser environment on any platform. Apart from the browser testing platform, there are numerous independent programmer tools which you can also use for data conversion, encryption, hashing, passwords, and image editing.

I searched more about Browserling, and it turns out they have much more to offer. Someone wrote an excellent Browserling review that sums up all the features. Check it out!

  • Now Back to Comics.

Browserling provides about a hundred comics for programmers, and they’re all free to use and share. These comics have been designed for social media and are available in many different formats. All of their webcomics are attractive, funny and provides one-liner jokes that make their comics go viral all the time.

Check out this comic about Internet Explorer. As we all know IE is rarely used for personal use and people, generally use IE to download Chrome or Firefox:

                                                  Where do you want to go today?

Another interesting image I found related to blogging and digital marketing is below.

                                                                 SEO Expert Comic

This image is especially for an SEO guy. As we know there is a great importance of official words and this picture indirectly depicts the same. So this picture can be used in your marketing/SEO related blog post and will work great.

                                                     Browser Wars ANSI comic

Comics are available in different styles, such as ANSI-art style and ASCII-art style (back from BBS days). This comic is about browser wars where all browsers are fighting against aliens.

                                                                     Linux Party

This is another fun comic about a Linux party. He’s having wine and has invited the CSS ghost, COBOL dinosaurs, IE-guy, Java-guy, Bitmask-guy and Home-sweet-Home programmer guy. Ingenious and funny!

Similarly, you can also check other comics on their site and can use, share, and embed wherever you want. You can also download the entire comic in PDF, ZIP or HTML files:

· Comic.PDF

· Comic.HTML

· Comic.ZIP

These comic images are really funny, useful and much engagement driven stuff nowadays. Use this webcomic wisely. You can download these images for free or even can embed in your blog post to express your view like I explained above.